Posted on October 23, 2014 by LeSportsac on tokidoki for LeSportsac

Winter 14 Preview – tokidoki for LeSportsac


Pack for Holiday Travel with the new tokidoki for LeSportsac Winter Collection!

Reunited and it feels so good! The new tokidoki for LeSportsac collection returns this Winter with a tokidoki trip around the world. Inspired by the global travel of  tokidoki creator, Simone Legno, the collection’s new print hits just in time with the collection’s holiday travel worthy styles.

The new print, Giramondo, features tokidoki’s signature characters on adventures around the globe showcased in stamped micro vignette patches. From a Vespa riding cutie in Legno’s native Italy, to a tokidoki inspired Statue of Liberty eating a hamburger in the USA, the print travels to a tokidoki-fied Kenya, Peru, Hong Kong and Japan just to name a few.


Perfect for your next holiday getaway are the collection’s backpack styles and the roomy Savana, as well as on-the-go styles such as the Nebbia Messengerand the ultimate travel bag, the Gemma Belt Bag, shown in the solid TD Black Quilted that carries over from the Fall season.


For those holiday shopping adventures, the Palette Doll Tote is your new best friend! Easily packed, the entire bag folds up into the Palette Doll plush and stows right into your luggage for an incredibly cuddly and convenient tote bag.


Available only for holiday, the Carina Tote is a new style that is a wink and a nod to the beloved tokidoki for LeSportsac collections of old. Singular to the collection, the bag is made in LeSportsac’s classic ripstop nylon, features trompe l’oeil buckles and corners, and is the only style available in Buon Viaggio – a fun reimagining of the Giramondo print. It’s the perfect travel companion for tokidoki for LeSportac fans everywhere.


The tokidoki for LeSportsac Winter Collection will be available in stores and at LeSportsac.com beginning in November 2014.