Posted on October 24, 2014 by LeSportsac on Disney

Winter 14 Preview – Disney Minnie Mouse for LeSportsac


The gift of Disney’s Minnie Mouse is back! Once again LeSportsac has teamed up with Disney to bring the beloved animated mouse to life in handbag and accessory styles in an original Disney print – Minnie’s Floral Park!

It’s vintage Minnie dressed in her signature style of always on-trend polka dots and sporting an oversized pink bow, with matching pointy toed pink heels. She takes a stroll through her lush flower garden, stopping to smell all the pretty petals that seem to be oh so very pink with touches of yellows and blues. A wink at her animated heritage, we see the many faces of classic Minnie throughout the print: strutting Minnie, thoughtful Minnie, admiring Minnie, and our favorite – silly Minnie. How cute is she with her big pink bow over her eyes?



You’ll be able to pick up Minnie’s Floral Park in twenty-one of LeSportsac’s best selling styles including accessories, handbags, totes, backpacks, and travel bags. This collection will be available in LeSportsac Boutiques and at LeSportsac.com in November 2014. See you soon Minnie!