Posted on October 24, 2013 by LeSportsac on Swarovski Elements, Winter 2013 Preview

Winter 13 Preview Week – SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS


Did you miss out on our SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Collection last year? Well it’s back for Winter 2013 and we’ve collaborated with the famous fashion illustrator Bernadette Pascua, from Decade: An Illustrated Diary. Bernadette brings her New York savvy idea of tough, yet romantic in this season which is made up of subtle geometric shapes, sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals, and butterflies galore. All available in December, these pieces are sure to make you fall right into your glamorous element. Pictured above: Swarovski Sidney Overnighter in Renaissance, Swarovski Small Veronica Hobo in Antiquity Sterling, and Swarovski Small Cleo Crossbody in Antiquity Gold.

Wild winter butterflies flutter about on Renaissance – a subtle and romantic print with soft peach, pink and beige tones, accentuated with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals, and the artist’s unique signature to add a special touch. Available in 7 great styles, such as the Swarvoski LeZip Tote and Swarvoski Melanie, this is a great print to carry all year round!


‘Everything that glitters ain’t gold’ and our Antiquity Sterling shows us that it can shine the brightest. Our Sterling Lightning metallic finish ripstop gets a little extra embellishment for the holidays by the way of embroidered circles and miniature butterflies, interspersed with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals. Antiquity Sterling will be offered in a variety of styles, shown above in the Classic Piped Hobo and we’re even bringing back our Swarvoski Sidney Overnighter!



An outfit is never complete without an accessory, especially ones this dazzling! Stash your cosmetics in golden glamour with our Swarvoski Rectangular Cosmetic in Antiquity Gold. This golden patent ripstop gets the same embroidery and crystal treatment, and will also be available in the Swarvoski Small Cleo Crossbody and Swarvoski LeZip Tote.


A new style exclusive to this collection is the Antiquity Two Pouch Wristlet Set. This chic duo consists of a larger Antiquity Sterling zip closure pouch with a quick release wristlet strap and an adorable grosgrain ribbon bow on the front pocket, and nestled in that pocket is a smaller removable zipper pouch in Renaissance print. Both pouches are dotted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals of course!

The LeSportsac x SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Collection featuring the artwork of Bernadette Pascua will be available at LeSportsac.com and LeSportsac Retail Boutiques starting in December.