Posted on January 22, 2014 by LeSportsac on For the Guys, Things We Love

We Work Out! Best Bags for Getting Fit This Year

With 2014 upon us, I’m sure everyone has started kicking into action with New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s connecting more with friends and loved ones, starting that DIY project you’ve been dying to try or just getting organized, you’re definitely going to have a lot to look forward too. Many of us here at LeSportsac have decided to get healthy and fit for 2014! We all have quite the sweet tooth and one of our buyers makes a mean S’mores Bar (I would give you the recipe, but I promise it would be your downfall). Of course we love a good gym bag but with our NY lifestyles it’s always great to have alternatives. Here’s a list of our faves, let us know if you have any recommendations as well!


 Arizona Pack
Straps enable you to keep it close and the bright color is perfect for weaving through traffic

9922    $108  http://bit.ly/1kUO13A

Double Zip Belt Bag

Keep everything handy for that 10K

5303$48  http://bit.ly/LP3faZ



Gym or Classes?

Voyager Backpack

Throw in your shoes, water bottle and an extra change of clothes.

7839$148  http://bit.ly/1dt6eeO


Tahoe Backpack

9925$148  http://bit.ly/1dt6FFY


Smartphone Sleeve
Great for throwing on the bike or treadmill

8166$48 http://bit.ly/1bRJRDS


Medium Weekender

7184$104 http://bit.ly/1mpgzOa


Medium Leisure Bag

9779$140 (currently 40% off with SAVE40) http://bit.ly/1eQvNJk

Visiting NYC? Check out our Columbus Avenue Boutique for exclusive store deals on some of these great styles.  If not, check us out at www.LeSportsac.com