Posted on October 22, 2012 by LeSportsac on Collaborations, Disney, Winter 2012 Preview

W12 Preview Week: Disney It’s a Small World

The long awaited next stop for our Disney It’s a Small World collaboration arrives in November, a journey that has already taken us on a Tahitian getaway for Summer ’12 and Morocco for Fall.  This collection has everyone speculating what the next destination would be, so what better way to kick off our Winter 2012 Preview Week than with this highly anticipated program?

The Winter 2012 Disney It’s a Small World Collection by LeSportsac brings us to…London for the next leg of our journey!  London has been the setting of some of our favorite holiday movies and memories; there’s an undeniable charm of English architecture, gentle sprinkle of snow and that signature trench coat that recollects the best of the cool season. Wondrous Journey print will continue on this season as the Fall/Winter anchor print, but for Winter London we bring you two brand new prints to covet!

The London Bridge, Big Ben and that double-decker bus are quintessential English motifs that are still echoing in our minds from this summer’s Olympics.  Fancy That print illustrates these icons together in Mary Blair’s signature style on a black ground with black trim woven with Lurex for a hint of sparkle, and comes with the collectible Posey Charm, a London girl with her adorable khaki trench and chic black bun. (Arriving in early November.)

The placement tote this season is inspired by another Mary Blair artwork; those familiar with the it’s a small world ride (and who isn’t, with installations in every Disney park around the world?) will find the familiar facade style in this compilation of international architecture, a gorgeous myriad of warm bold colors embellished with gold and silver metallic embroidery details. The Midnight Harmony Tote
will come with Daisy Charm, a London girl with her bright red trench and blonde hair. (Arriving in
early December.)

The most unique addition to the Disney It’s a Small World Collection this season?  The collector’s set of Doll Totes – these plush dolls are fashioned after three girls from the embroidered “Time to Share” tote.  Each girl has unique features and embellishments on their traditional clothing, and conceal a colorful tote in a back zipper compartment. Adine is our little igloo girl with a fluffy trimmed hood on her icy blue parka; Mandisa has a swishy ribbon skirt with ball chain necklace and earrings; and Sonia has a textured braid and embellished sari with bare feet. They’re adorable individually, but truly tell a story as a set! This is quite possibly THE gifting item of the season for any Disney and LeSportsac fan!
(Arriving in early November.)