Posted on October 23, 2012 by LeSportsac on Details From Design, Inspiration, Winter 2012 Preview

W12 Preview Week: Classic

Everyone knows LeSportsac churns out prints the way, well, actually, no one really designs prints in the same volume or variety as us. Six to eight prints a month, just in the Classic Collection, in almost every variation of color and style imaginable!

So instead of talking about every print for Winter, this Classic Preview will call out some special new fabrications and things we love about the November to January delivery – details like scalloped trim, a little extra sparkle and conversation pieces that we can’t resist!

1) Not your usual LeSportsac

Our rip-stop nylon has always been bound by grosgrain and webbing, and this season’s webbing has turned up the volume!  From printed multicolor webbing to embroidered trim, what originally framed the prints is now a piece of art in itself!

Some of our prints and embroideries also include new techniques, like glitter on Super Star print for a touch of sparkle, and variegated embroidery on Morning Blossom for an ombré effect.

2) Paws-a-tively Perfect Placement

Our Winter 2012 Ad Campaign features a plethora of pretty pooches, which was inspired by our new Bow Wow print – a super cute combination of dog illustrations in every shape and size, from poodles to pugs. We even went a little more doggone crazy and created a special dog placement tote – which has a dog silhouette applique in Bow Wow print on top of a polka-dot print background, with a studded eye, floppy ear, and even a functional mini pocket in the little doggie jacket!

3) Mini Me’s

Some familiar LeSportsac silhouettes are now available in miniature versions, such as our tiny takes like the Backpack Charm and the EveryGirl Charm  – the ideal accessories to stash lunch money or lip balm!

So there you have it, the newest LeSportsac Classic Collection!  What’s on your wishlist?

P.S. Below is a preview of all the new Winter Classic Collection prints, arriving November 2012 through January 2013.