Posted on November 15, 2012 by LeSportsac on Things We Love

Tips for the LeSportsac Thanksgiving Day Traveler

Thanksgiving Day can be considered the most delicious holiday of the year. While grabbing your LeSportsac Weekender and heading out to be with friends and family is simple enough, sometimes there are certain situations that need a little more thought put into them. Have no fear, we have it covered. From college students to hosting your own dinner party, we’ve selected the perfect handbags and advice to assist you on your travels!

Coming Home from College

Heading Home for Thanksgiving

1. While you may be getting away from the sudden pop quiz or dorm life living for a few days, you’re not off the hook yet! Homework and studying is a must, so pack up that laptop with a fun and functional LeSportsac Laptop Bag.
2. For your Thanksgiving ensemble leggings are the way to go, no buttons required. As you are devouring the delicious turkey and glorious mashed potatoes you can even have room for a slice of pumpkin pie, whip cream included! A nice blazer will add a bit of sophistication to impress the family and let them see just have mature you’ve become since leaving for school.
3. While traveling make sure to bring your comfy sweats, school-logo sweatshirt and music for the long trip.
4. There is no shame in sneaking that dirty laundry bag back home, you’re in college now and you have a lot on your plate.


Meeting the Parents

Thanksgiving Meet the Parents


1. Meeting a boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents for the first time is stressful enough, but the thought of what to bring for the short trip can be just as nerve-wracking. Keep packing to a minimal with a LeSportsac Travel Tote or Rolling Backpack.
2. Pack lightly with travel size toiletries and bring the least amount of tools needed to style your hair.
3. Dressing the part of adoring girlfriend can be easily achieved with a floral pleated dress. Keeping covered is the best option. This is not the time to break out that daring backless romper.
4. Show off your culinary skills and whip up that green bean casserole family secret recipe. You will amaze the parental unit and come off as quite the catch.


Hosting the Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner


1. Stocking up on Tupperware for your guests is a nice gesture to let everyone take home some of the Thanksgiving feast and help to make more room in the refrigerator.
2. While you won’t need to pack anything large, keeping a small clutch with cell phone, wallet and car keys is a great idea in case you have to make a last minute run to the store for more cranberry sauce. Try out LeSportsac’s simple and chic Manoush Bisous Frill Clutch.
3. As the “hostess with the mostess”, dress the part with a casual yet embellished dress. You want to look calm and collected, like you haven’t been trying to defrost the turkey for 3 days.
4. When cooking chaos ensues always have a backup plan. Having a caterer on speed dial will help relieve Thanksgiving Day drama.