Posted on October 4, 2012 by LeSportsac on Around The World, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – Italy, 1986

Bella e fedele come un cucciolo!

Bella e fedele come un cucciolo!

Welcome to our first blog edition of Throwback Thursday!  If you’ve been following us on twitter, you’ll know that we’ve been having too much fun sharing random snippets of archived campaigns, old collaborations and some timeless images of LeSportsac’s history.  With 39 years tucked under our belt this coming January, we’ve certainly accumulated our fair share of pictures and products; some funny, some sentimental, all LeSportsac.  Follow us every Thursday as we let our age show!

In lieu of Milan Fashion Week, our first stop is Italy.  In a world that revolves around leather, LeSportsac penetrated the Italian market as a chic, lightweight alternative to leather goods, making a splash into the European market shortly after entering Asia. LeSportsac’s heritage functionality had yet to take on its colorful print personality, but the solids resonated with men and women alike in this posh campaign shot in 1986.  This last image is the kind that makes us point to the page and say “THAT is exactly what we want to be doing right now!”  Wonder where this man is now?

Felice giovedi, LeFans!