Posted on October 18, 2012 by LeSportsac on Collaborations, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Diane von Furstenberg

The early 2000’s marked the ignition of a new generation of LeSportsac design – the addition of bold prints and variety of solids attracted a new customer, propelled further by consecutive years of impactful collaborations.

In the Fall of 2002, Diane von Furstenberg collaborated with LeSportsac to create the Y-Knot print for our classic collection.  DVF’s name is synonymous with her iconic wrap dresses, which (similarly to our own silhouettes) serve as a canvas to a vast spectrum of prints.  The collaboration with Diane felt right – as with all LeSportsac collaborations, it was a true partnership that celebrated the spirit of both brands, resulting in a design that felt authentic but could not have been achieved without each other!  Ten years later, we look back on this collaboration, and the print still feels timeless.

Fall 2002: Y-Knot Chocolate & Y-Knot Black prints

Winter 2002: Tooty-Fruity print

Spotted: right outside our New York Headquarters is the Fashion Walk of Fame, where Diane’s plaque can be found honoring her as one of America’s most influential designers.