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SU13 Preview Week: Artist In Residence – Sukie

Brighton-based design house Sukie is entering its second installation of the Artist In Residence Collection, and we at LeSportsac could not love this Summer Collection more!

Anchored in lavender and moody ocean blues, this Native American inspired capsule is the brainchild of Darrell Gibbs’ creative mind.  We had the opportunity to chat with this imaginative designer about his thoughts and inspirations!

LS: Hi Darrell!  Such a pleasure to chat!

DG: Well thank you! It’s been great working with you guys!

LS: As a UK based artist, what inspired you to include Native American themes for this summer installation?

DG: Strangely the starting point was some 1960’s Scandinavian patterns I came across. After some playing around with patterns they stared to evolve into blocky characters and it was at this point that they started to look like totems. On their own looked a bit too graphic so I thought it would be nice to think of it as a landscape of totems inhabited by animals. I think it evokes the idea of being at one or being connected with nature.

LS: So you’ve used animal illustrations for both seasons of Artist in Residence: If you could draw yourself as an animal, which would it be?

DG: I think I would be like one of the foxy dudes from the Cloud Riders print.

He’s one of these guys!

LS: There are so many fun styles coming up – we especially love the smaller icon pieces, like the Thunder Dude and King of the Clouds charms from Spring and the Cozy Fox and Tweet Pouch from Summer. What are some of your favorite styles?  Which one is your favorite print?

DG: I really enjoyed the pattern element in the Totem, but the characters from Cloud Riders were lino prints and that’s my true love! From the icons/charms, I really like the King of The Clouds. The Lion character from that has been in my sketch books for a while so it was really cool to see him finally come to life in 3D!

Darrell’s Lion sketch and the King of the Clouds charm that resulted:

LS: You’re known primarily for your textiles and stationery prints – how would you like to bring your designs to 3D or real life dimensions next? 

DG: I do love working flat for our book covers and textiles, but it would be cool to see them animated, wondering a Sukie cityscape! May be some mini 3D model play buildings with character to go with them.

LS: Sounds like a promising future project for you!  Thank you so much for working with us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

See below for more exclusive peeks at the original sketches found in this collection:

The LeSportsac Artist in Residence – Sukie Summer 2013 Collection will be arriving in May. Below are some preview images of this collection!