Posted on February 5, 2015 by LeSportsac on Things We Love

Stars and Styles Align with LeSportsac’s 2015 Bagoscopes


Enter Spring 2015 with the perfect LeSportsac style for your astrological sign. Whether you are a bold Leo or a sweet Virgo, LeSportsac has a compatible pairing for you!


Aries (The Ram) – Oh my Ram, you are the trendsetter with your effortlessly bold style. You make daring look so easy, and for you it just is. Spontaneous and passionate, you need pop – and pop is what you get with the new BEAMS B Native print (arriving in March at LeSportsac.com). This Native American inspired print carries white, blue, and plenty of your power color – fire sign red! Pick it up in the new iPad Envelope its structured silhouette appeals to your love of clean lines and of the new and exciting.


Taurus (The Bull) – When people think of the bull they think stubborn, but it really is strength isn’t it? Strength in patience, in empathy, and–most of all–in love.  The star signs’ biggest romantic finds a true match in the Olympia Le-Tan print, Blooming Hearts. It carries all the accompaniments of your secret talent, love letters. Wear it in the Miranda Bag. Its ladylike pleats and feminine curves are stabilized with structure and strength much like you sweet bull.


Gemini (The Twins) – People take your imagination for granted, they don’t realize that your duality serves to explore every avenue and to take every bit of the world in. You can’t make up your mind because you are not willing to close it and you shouldn’t have to. Take on tokidoki’s Palette Backpack in the new Fioritura print (arriving in March) as well its twin, the Bianco Palette Backpack. No need to choose.


Cancer (The Crab) – Once the crab is out of its shell it is utterly dependable and completely loyal. You take these traits and have them run throughout every facet of your life. You often times have the same expectations for those around you as well as your belongings. The Voyager Backpack will not let you down, like you, it is traditional yet adaptable to almost every situation. Carry it in the dazzling new Magnetic Snake Foil (arriving in March), it will mirror your inner shine and fluidity.

Leo (The Lion)
– Ambitious and motivated, you are always the leader of your pride. A true fire sign, everyone sees you coming and in fashion it is no different. You are bold and close friends may say little bit dramatic, but that’s okay because you own it. It’s no surprise that need to pick up the fire with the new Solar Debossing. It is a vivid orange solid, but, like you, never boring with its debossed geometric pattern throughout. With contrasting trim, it’s roaringly vibrant like the lion you are!


Virgo (The Virgin) – Your keen mind is no virgin to analytical thought. You are the mistress of meticulous and notice all the little details. Always looking for a pattern, it is no surprise that you need to embrace our new LIBERTY ART FABRICS collaboration florals, Margaret Annie and Pepper (arriving in March). These small delicate prints are pure Virgo fashion because truly Virgos can wear prints to sweet perfection.


Libra (The Scales) – Harmony and balance never elude the Libra. A mistress of delicate touch the scales love to have everything balanced by proper proportion and our Seventeen x LeSportsac Macaroons print it no different – it certainly won’t tip the scales. This sweet print stacks the confections in the perfect stability always sought after by the Libra. This air sign will be drawn to the cookies’ sky inspired pastel colors. Balance never looked so tasty!


Scorpio (The Scorpion) – Always passionate in every aspect of your life, your resolute disposition and steadfast attitude makes climbing up the corporate ladder a breeze – everyone knows the scorpion means business. Your career focus and preference for no muss no fuss makes our Oakland Tote your ultimate style accessory. Its interior laptop pocket makes sure you can work on the go anywhere you go. Pick it up in your power color new Red Colorblock waxed canvas (arriving in late February).


Sagittarius (The Archer) – Always intensely focused, Archer, you prefer clean straight lines that always hit the target. An obvious athlete, you are all about chicly casual and unpretentious items that allow ease and speed of movement – you are constantly ready for your next athletic endeavor. Adventure forward with the sporty inspired Tennis Stripe print in the Medium Weekender. Its easy stripes and versatility will carry you far, Archer.


Capricorn (The Goat) – Baaa baaa. The goat cannot be bluffed. Your intuition never steers you wrong and it could never be wrong with our Travel Tote in Chic Noir. Innately practical and organized, you’ll love the multiple exterior pockets and the privacy of the zipped main compartment, plus it’s in one of your sign’s favorite color combinations – black and white.


Aquarius (The Water Bearer) – The most fluid of water signs (water is in your name) you are dramatic when the waves crash and calm when you trickle through the stream. Your unpredictability makes for unconventionality, translating into trendsetting fashion. You will gravitate towards the fashion forward Abbey Carry-on in Magnificent, it carries your ultimate power color – amethyst.


Pisces (The Fish) – You swim gently through the waters in subtle fashion. You prefer to reflect the pale and pastel colors of swimmers in warm shallow waters – imagine pale yellows, mauves, lilacs, peaches and whites. Find everything you seek in our Signature Watercolor Bouquet print (arriving in late February) – there is no better match, water is even in the print’s name!