Posted on February 3, 2014 by LeSportsac on Classic Collection, Spring 2014 Preview

Spring 14 Preview – Classic Collection

Destinations and drives in balmy weather – Spring is in the air (at least in our minds!) and it’s not hard to see where we drew inspiration from this season.  With heat infused solids and cool, carefree prints, our Classic Collection will feel like a breeze, even when the weather hasn’t caught up yet!


Picnics and ports!  Prints from this spring feel at home anywhere from a Volkswagen Caravan a-la-1970’s to luxurious cruises in the Mediterranean. Spot our Gingham accessories with pops of bright trim (arriving mid-February), or patchwork Free Spirit paired with an Aquarius tie-dye (arriving in March).  Catch wind of warm destinations with our Capri and Capri Tan print, as well as an office fave of the Garden Poppy print. New to LeSportsac, both of these prints (Capri Tan and Garden Poppy) are now available in 100% silk scarves (arriving in April).


Speaking of new items, Nautical Stripe is a warm-weather classic with navy and white ticking, reminiscent of old-timey sailor uniforms. Grab yours when you can, though – this print is only available in LeSportsac freestanding stores and online (arriving in April)! What do you think?  Are you ready for an escape?


Or if you prefer a solid, our Foil Snake fabrication from Fall gets a springtime makeover in shiny new Rose Gold (arriving in March)!


Spring is known for its inevitable pop-up showers, and LeSportsac’s got you covered in more ways than one! Keep high and dry with our new Surprise Dot Poncho and Umbrella (available now), and to perk up your mood on those gloomy days, we’ve got some nifty new neons – Electro print and the vibrant Vicky Tote in Neon Orbits (arriving in March).


Also back for Spring will be new versions of our super popular Shoe Pouch Set and Purse Organizer. The Purse Organizer is updated with accent stripes of bright and happy Snappy print (arriving mid-February), while the Shoe Pouch Set gets a flash of fluorescent and a silk-screen graphic of sneakers on Aquarius print (arriving in March). The sixties theme continues with two special edition accessories, the Daisy XL Rectangular Cosmetic and Peace, Love & Daisy Rectangular Cosmetic (both arriving in March).


Also be on the lookout for our all new Eco Tote – this handy little tote folds up and zips into its own self-contained pouch for easy on-the-go storage. It’s the perfect thing to toss in your bag for unexpected shopping excursions (arriving mid-February).

See below for a preview of our upcoming Spring Classic prints arriving February through March..