Posted on February 3, 2015 by LeSportsac on Collaborations, Print of the Month, Seventeen x LeSportsac

Print of the Month: Seventeen x LeSportsac Macaroons


LeSportsac has partnered with Seventeen Magazine to create a sweet Spring treat that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day – new Macaroons print! We love this confectionery collaboration so much that we’ve made it our February Print of the Month!


Delicious inspiration came when these artfully arranged confections were spotted in a pastry shop window not far from Seventeen’s NYC offices. The decadent, yet oh so fun sweets just had to become a print! Macaroons is a yummy photo-real print that you really want to take a bite out of. Everyone’s favorite sugary cookie is sumptuously stacked to create a delectable rainbow of colors –  to wear on your arm, on your back, or crossbody, in a variety of our most popular Classic Collection styles. If that isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, a special graphic tote is also available – Macaroon Dreams showcases a slice of the print sized to ‘must-have’ proportions, with dots and splashes of gold metallic ink.

Click here to shop the Seventeen x LeSportsac Macaroons Collection now at LeSportsac.com. Bon Appétit!