Posted on January 1, 2015 by LeSportsac on Classic Collection, Print of the Month

Print of the Month: Blast Off to the Outer Limits!


Ring in the New Year with a print that is out of this world – Outer Limits!

Debuting for January, Outer Limits is a starry picture of the vast and timeless universe and all of its galaxies. The inky blackness of space is interspersed with auras of violet and azure, punctuated by sparks of bright stars. The Outer Limits print is the ultimate way to carry the universe right in your hands (possibly in a cosmetic or two) or right on your arm.


Available in 10 styles, we love this celestial print in the Parker Crossbody (we really like a crossbody!) and in the Voyager Backpack. What better bags to take along on a voyage into outer space? Check out some of the things we’d pack for our space jam below, and shop all of the styles offered in Outer Limits here.

Happy New Year (and new print)!