Posted on March 28, 2013 by LeSportsac on Print of the Week

POTW: Scarves

Who doesn’t love a good scarf? They can quickly and easily update the look of any outfit in flash – knot it, wrap it, drape it, tie it in bow – the possibilities are almost endless! Well, we’ve added another scarf styling option for you. New from our Spring Classic Collection is Scarves print – a patchwork of vintage scarf motifs including quintessential equestrian icons like buckles, bridles and bits, along with prancing ponies, lucky horse shoes and so much more. We’re serving it up in a multitude of fashionable and functional styles, from handbags and totes to travel bags – so many new ways to incorporate the versatile look of scarves into your wardrobe. Don’t worry, your real scarves won’t get too jealous!

If those still aren’t enough scarf options for you, we have something a little more bold – the Scarf Tote. Each side of this roomy LeZip Tote showcases a full vintage scarf design in its entirety.

We’re more excited about scarves than Romy & Michele ever thought possible!

Click here to visit our LeFun page to download Scarves print wallpaper to accessorize all of your digital devices!