Posted on November 22, 2012 by LeSportsac on Print of the Week

POTW: Heart Parade

We hope you’re all having a terrific Thanksgiving! Aside family and food, nothing is more turkey day traditional than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, now in its 86th year! With its fantastic floats, musical numbers, marching bands and massive balloons – this parade has something for everyone! What’s your favorite part?

Our Print of the Week this week features a parade of its own! Heart Parade is adorable array of pretty pastel hearts and bubbles floating on grey ground. It’s totally giving us vibes of the print on our Trapper Keeper back in the day  Can you tell being home for holiday has given us a serious case of nostalgia?

Oh, and we know you’re more concerned with eating a heaping helping of your Mom’s stuffing than stuffing stockings today – but how cute is our Heart Crossbody in Heart Parade print? It’s the perfect stocking-stuffer for all the sweethearts on your holiday list!

While recovering from your food coma, why not listen to our newest Spotify “Print of the Week” playlist inspired by Heart Parade print

Heartwarming Holiday Wishes from LeSportsac!