Style of the Month: Revisit the Iconic Weekender!

The Weekender isn’t just for weekends anymore! LeSportsac’s most internationally recognizable style is available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large and has a place in every lifestyle. A celeb favorite, it has been spotted on the big screen and small screen and at airports all around the world. Obviously a travel staple, the iconic silhouette is a versatile style that can be used in a myriad of ways this holiday season and beyond!

Example #1 The Holiday Shopper

So you are ready to finally do your holiday shopping and don’t want the hassle of carrying all of those shopping bags and besides you are going green for 2015. Enter the Large, nay Extra Larger Weekender because you are shopping for you too! A shopper’s companion, the style keeps all your purchases together and is subway and vehicle friendly. I mean you want to bring everything in at once right? Happy shopping!

Example #2 The Ultimate Gift Bag

You know that you’ve been nice this year. Fold, pouch, and pack a weekender into your luggage when you head home this season. Open your gifts without worrying about how you are going to bring everything back. Just pull it out and pack it in. You’re done. You’re welcome.

Example #3 The Gym Buddy

Too much figgy pudding? One too many holiday cookies?  Grab that weekender and hit the gym. With a large main compartment for shoes and clothes and multiple exterior zipper pockets for organization, take it and run. You won’t feel so guilty for that extra serving of eggnog.

Example #4 The Extra Large Purse

A secret Santa? A small hostess gift? Maybe that new tablet you gifted yourself? Sometimes you don’t need a giant bag, but need more room than standard purse. The Medium Weekender is where it’s at! Throw in your wallet and essentials and a little more without feeling like you have to stuff everything in. Stuffing is for stockings not bags.

Example #5 The Travel Essential

So you are lucky enough to have a holiday vacation destination. Obviously that’s amazing, but whether you are hitting the slopes or the beach you need something to stash your gear. That’s right, the weekender strikes again. Fit in all of your skiing extras and bring that weekender to that next mug of hot cocoa or throw in your beach towel and sip on that fruity umbrella drink because you are vacationing without a care in the world.

Whether a gift for you or yours, the Weekender is a “must have” for surviving the holidays. Check out all three styles and the latest seasonal prints here. Happy holidays!


Print of the Month: Check out Painted Plaid!


The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without a little plaid. This December, step away from traditional red and green tartan, and step it up with Painted Plaid!

Painted Plaid is a bold watercolor of warm brushstrokes across the canvas of LeSportsac’s classic shapes. Sure there is some rich red, but it’s combined with lush fuchsia, jewel-like coral, and deep berry and plum. The colors are then contrasted with cool blue and winter white to create an interesting picture worn right on your arm, or your back, or your shoulder, or maybe all of the above.

Available in a wide variety of handbags, totes backpacks, and even travel gear – Painted Plaid is the perfect gift for you and yours this holiday season. Click here for more styles.


The Holiday Jet Set: Traveling with LeSportsac


It’s may not be over the river and through the woods any more, but holiday travel is still in motion and this season you don’t want to do it without LeSportsac. Whether you are loading a 24 Inch 4 Wheel Luggage (pictured above in Army Cheetah TR), an Abbey Carry-On (shown above in Romanian Rose), or both (we won’t judge! I mean the Abbey does have a pocket to slide over luggage handles) these travel essentials will send you packing off to your next holiday destination.


The Deluxe Travel Mate will keep all of your toiletries out of that ho-hum zip lock bag. With its three clear inside front Velcro pockets, transparent inside back zip pocket, and bonus clear detachable pouch, all your makeup and toiletries will be organized and TSA friendly. Just zip it open and pass on though.


So are you really going to put those dirty soles in your nice clean bag or luggage? No, you are going to grab our Shoe Pouch Set, unzip, and pull out two drawstrings bags that are sized just for footwear. Best of all, you can pack the pouch with all the band-aids you are going to need for those sparkly heels!

Holiday sparkle calls for holiday bling! The Liza Jewelry Roll is perfect for packing jewelry. Designed with padding to keep your valuables protected, the roll has tabs to organize necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, as well as a three compartment zip pocket for earrings and rings. Get ready to look your best without having to untangle any necklaces. You’re welcome!


The 3 Piece Travel Set, what can’t it do? Organize socks and unmentionables. Use the small pouch for hair accessories, the medium for brushes and product, and the large for your blow dryer—always bring your own blow-dryer! A resort holiday? Organize swim gear. Skiing? Hats, gloves, scarves. The possibilities are endless because the set is so very useful. Buy it. Keep it. Love it.


Need a place for those endless chargers and wires? Enter, the Small Packing Pouch. This zip around deep pouch is perfect all those odds and ends you don’t know how to pack, it even has an exterior mesh pocket for visibility and easy grab storage. You don’t want a bunch of random things sliding around your travel bag so just pouch it all up. It also doubles as an extra toiletry or shoe bag because sometimes you just need to pack three pairs of shoes.

Happy travels girls and boys. May your holidays be happy and bright!


Exclusively in Hawaii: tokidoki for LeSportsac – Dolcezza!


In tokidoki creative director and co-founder Simone Legno’s native language, Italian, Dolcezza means sweetness and honey. In Hawaii, island girls are referred to as “honey girls”. A love letter to the Aloha spirit, Dolcezza is a playful tribute to this Hawaiian tradition. The print features honey girls surfing, dancing hula, playing with dolphins and whales, with welcoming gifts of flower leis to the iconic faces of the tokidoki universe. From Palette to the maraca wielding bear, to the shave ice loving Unicorno, everyone is happily enjoying “Aloha in Hawaii”!

Dolcezza is available in 15 styles, including a mash-up with the collection’s TD Black Quilted in the style aptly named the Duet Purse. All bags feature coordinating hot pink lining and as well as a Dolcezza printed Palette Charm.

The collection will launch only in LeSportsac Hawaii stores this Winter beginning November 2014. See you there!

Only available at the below listed store locations…

Ala Moana Center – 808.973.6306

Royal Hawaiian Center – 808-971-2920

Waikiki Shopping Plaza – 808.971.2919

Hilton Hawaiian Village – 808-973-6300

Hyatt Regency Waikiki – 808.971.2007

The Plaza (Guam) – 671.649.5100



Meet the Parker Crossbody!

CrossbodyBlogThere is nothing more glamorous and at the same time more stressful than international travel. Where is that passport? Where is your admission ticket? Did you remember all of the things that you just have to have on hand? The new Parker Crossbody pumps up the glamor and erases the stress.

The Parker Crossbody is a rounded fashion style reminiscent of vintage camera bags. This bag can go international because it’s sized with just enough room to fit a passport, and allows room for a pair of sunglasses and a large wallet. It has two inside pockets to hold museum tickets and boarding passes, as well as an outside pocket for your room key and phone, just make sure you’re covered for long distance! Its adjustable strap makes crossbody styling a snap, as traveling always should be.


Shop the Parker Crossbody here and in store at LeSportsac Boutiques everywhere.

Happy travels!


Get #LeFit before #LeHoliday


Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie – oh my!  Yummy indulgences are a huge part of the holiday fun, so we understand the need for pre-holiday workouts to keep on track through the upcoming season of cookies and party platters. Just in time for your next workout, LeSportsac introduces a new ultra functional Fitness Collection.

Already a locker room fixture, LeSportsac takes it up a notch with features that make going to spin or yoga class so much easier. Three new styles are available for every lifestyle regimen:  The Gym Overnighter, the Gym Duffel, and the Gym Tote.  All styles include a must-have shoe pouch (to keep sneakers separate), a snap-out clear zipper pouch (for quick access to essentials), exterior side pockets (which are clear on the Gym Duffel and Gym Overnighter), interior mesh and zip pockets (for ultimate organization), and an oh-so-convenient yoga mat slot on the exterior back panel.

Stylish enough to get you through the trendiest fitness classes, (think trampoline cardio, indoor surfing, piloxing, or aqua cycling) shapes are available in the brand’s signature print, LeStripe Fit, as well as two Fitness exclusive solids, Turquoise Fit and Black Fit, that feature fun sporty striped webbing.

This collection hits the gym in November 2014 and will be available at LeSportsac Boutiques and Go ahead, indulge!

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