LeSportsac Dazzles with Erickson Beamon Collaboration


Very few designers can claim to have dressed both the First Lady and Lady Gaga, but fewer share the imagination of jewelers, Erickson Beamon. Founded by Michigan natives Karen Erickson and Eric Erickson in 1983, Erickson Beamon jewelry dazzles worldwide, pioneering the coveted, handcrafted necklaces that are their trademark. Erickson Beamon’s Fall/Winter 2014 partnership with LeSportsac takes the brand’s signature style and gives it the ultimate jewelry treatment. We got the chance to stop and chat with Karen Erickson about all things LeSportsac, Erickson Beamon, and this glamorous travel collection.

LeSportsac: So when did you first learn about LeSportsac?

Karen Erickson: LeSportsac holds a dear place in my heart. My mother loved it! She worked in little special store in Michigan, where I come from, in the 70’s when I was kid. They started selling LeSportsac and she was so excited about it.  She brought home the garment bag and all of the bags. She loved the product and shared that love with me. I’ve always loved LeSportsac!

LeSportsac: When you design with jewels, what is your ultimate goal?

Karen Erickson: To make the woman who wears it feel fabulous. We want any woman wearing Erickson Beamon product to feel pretty, smart, creative, and artistic.

LeSportsac: What was it like to work with LeSportsac?

Karen Erickson: Working with LeSportsac has literally been a dream project for me. I was able to take jewelry pieces, of my collection, turn them into prints, and bring them to life on a handbag.


LeSportsac: What was your process of turning transforming jewelry into bags?

Karen Erickson: It was so important to incorporate signature elements of Erickson Beamon into this collection. I had so much fun. I love textiles and it’s no surprise that I love to play with proportion and color. I enlarged images of the jewelry to create my own prints. The result is at once photo-realistic and somewhat abstract.


LeSportsac: Can you tell us about some of your jewelry inspiration for the collection?

 Karen Erickson: I gave these [print] stories my favorite pieces! Glenda, Glenda the good, is from [the Wizard of] Oz of course. It is a combination of pearls and crystal. We did a jewelry collection called Butterflies are Free so we took the idea of graphics of butterflies and did a placement on the Goldie Cosmetic. I’m a punk rock girl and the Talking Heads are a new wave band. We made this amazing chandelier [for home] with crazy acid pink cameos and called it the Talking Heads. We were able to take this Talking Heads concept and put it on my beloved garment bag – the Patti Garment Bag in Christie, and on the Andy Tote in Talking Heads!


You can now find Erickson’s favorite garment bag and other pieces of the Erickson Beamon x LeSportsac Collection here at LeSportsac.com and LeSportsac locations worldwide.



Print of the Month: Army Cheetah!

This Fall, bring runway to real-way with LeSportsac’s new October print, Army Cheetah. Spotted all over Fall and Winter 2014 Fashion Week, this animal print was found at Celine, Georgio Armani, Givenchy and seen at Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balmain. Heavily placed in outerwear by apparel, the print translates into the ultimate accessory.

milkha FefeFeline and feminine, this trend received a LeSportsac makeover. Washed in layers of deep army green and based in black, Army Cheetah sports hints of gold accents for that pop effect. The print roars off of small bags and accessories, as well backpacks and travel pieces, bringing a piece of the runway to every lifestyle. Available online here and at LeSportsac Boutiques.



Simone Legno Travels Around the World to Celebrate Collaborative Revival

The highly anticipated new tokidoki for LeSportsac collection launched in-stores this August and to celebrate this huge comeback, Simone Legno, tokidoki’s creator and creative director, traveled to Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore and circled back to hishome base, Los Angeles, to meet with devoted fans of the collection.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.34.32 PM

tokidoki for LeSportsac lovers old and new lined up at the LeSportsac boutique in Ala Moana Center and at the LeSportsac shop in DFS Galleria to chat with Legno about the criminally cute and imaginative world of tokidoki. Fans received signed special limited edition posters featuring one of collection’s prints and Palette, a never before seen character created by Legno exclusively for the collection. With each purchase, shoppers received fun signature tokidoki temporary tattoo booklets and everyone had the opportunity to take a few selfies with a life-sized statue of Palette. Shoppers at DFS Galleria even got to take home custom Palette shaped fans because Hawaii is just too wonderfully warm!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.23.38 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.24.21 PM

In Japan, the LeSportsac Omotesando store was transformed into a huge tokidoki pop-up store. Legno’s world and the new collection were visually brought to life with the integration of his most signature tokidoki products. tokidoki items were also available for purchase at the LeSportsac Ginza store along with the tokidoki for LeSportsac collection. Legno met with fans at both locations for photos and custom signings.

DSC05631 DSC05638Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.57.35 PM

Legno then journeyed on to Taiwan where he hosted a LeSportsac pop-up shop at one of the country’s premier department stores. The life-sized Palette statue made another appearance (the only one in Asia) and giant palette heads and fans were given away to lucky shoppers.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.57.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.56.57 PM

In Singapore, Legno met with VIPs and press to present the collection. The country’s most influential bloggers clamored to take photos with the artist and Legno was kind enough to pose for fans and do impromptu signings.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.25.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.25.48 PM

Legno finally returned stateside to his home base, Los Angeles, and made his way to the last stop of his tour, LeSportsac Santa Monica Place. Locals began a line even before the store opened to meet with Legno. The celebration included a DJ, incredible tokidoki gifts for shoppers, and even more photos and signings. Thankfully Legno made it home and was able to take a break from all of his autographing to go back to drawing more of the amazing world of tokidoki.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.24.11 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.28.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.21.13 PM

Palette and Legno’s world of tokidoki for LeSportsac is in-stores now at all LeSportsac locations worldwide.


Print of the Month: Wild for Wild at Heart!

September will always be the ultimate back-to-school month, despite all of these August start dates! When considering prints for September, LeSportsac’s in-house print design team took a stroll down memory lane thinking of their own back-to-school experiences. Artists in their own right, they couldn’t stop talking (and laughing!) about their art class hits and sometimes misses.  Watercolor came up again and again and inspired the must-have back to school print – Wild at Heart.


Wild at Heart is a traditional watercolor in fun unconventional, but oh-so-LeSportsac colors. Hot pink? Check. Purple? Check. Turquoise? Check. It is basically a box of the best colored crayons in watercolor style. A black heart-shaped overlay covers the painting, giving it a solid completely wearable base with super cute detailing. Who doesn’t have the heart to love hearts?


Perfect for art class and every class, Wild at Heart is available in a variety of styles including accessories, totes, backpacks, and travel bags. Available in-stores now, and online here.


Disney Pixar for LeSportsac Event at Santa Monica Place

In celebration of the August release of the Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection, LeSportsac Santa Monica Place hosted a special in-store event. Fans lined up at the Los Angeles area store to meet Academy Award® winner, Harley Jessup, the production designer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., as well as other Pixar animated favorites including Ratatouille, Presto and Cars 2.  The new Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection features Jessup’s exclusive concept artwork on a wide variety of styles, from accessories and handbags, to totes, backpacks and travel bags.

Harley Jessup drawing monsters for fans.

Harley Jessup drawing monsters for fans.

Fans got a chance to chat with Jessup and received exclusive limited edition posters, customized by Jessup himself, featuring each person’s favorite monster. While shopping the store’s collection, everyone was able to jump into the Monsters, Inc. world by hopping into the event photo booth, a large almost life-sized cutout of the artwork’s monster taxi.  In true Monsters, Inc. style, blue and green ice pops were served from, what can only be called, an “I Scream” cart!

Harley Jessup posing with fans


Check out the rest of the collection here!


Exclusively in Hawaii: Sweet Wahine!


Everyone LOVES a Sweet Wahine! For you curious LeSportsac fans out there, Wahine means woman in Hawaiian. This lush tropical print evokes Sweet Wahines dancing the hula and playing the ukulele. Bright beautiful florals surround them in shades of aqua, zesty orange and sunny yellow. Join the festivities with this fun and happy print!


Only available at the below listed store locations…

Ala Moana Center – 808.973.6306

Royal Hawaiian Center – 808-971-2920

Waikiki Shopping Plaza - 808.971.2919

Hilton Hawaiian Village – 808-973-6300

Hyatt Regency Waikiki - 808.971.2007

The Plaza (Guam) - 671.649.5100

Micronesia Mall (Guam) - 671.633.2300




Disney Pixar for LeSportsac – An Interview with Harley Jessup!

Disney_Pixar_LeBlogAs the production designer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.RatatouillePresto and Cars 2, Academy Award® winner, Harley Jessup, has built a career designing films that both children and adults can love. For each Pixar feature, his mission has been to create a visually exciting, believable world with appealing characters all in support of a great story. The new Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection features Jessup’s exclusive concept artwork on a wide variety of styles, from accessories and handbags, to totes, backpacks and travel bags. We had the opportunity to chat with this imaginative visual artist about his thoughts and inspirations!

LeSportsac: Did you believe in monsters when you were a kid? If so, how did you envision them?

Harley Jessup: When I was little, there was a gas furnace in the hall outside my bedroom that I was sure transformed into a monster at night. I imagined it as a kind of wheezing mechanical beast with glowing teeth. When I started work on Monsters, Inc., my kids were small and I recorded their ideas about the scariest monsters they could imagine.  My four-year-old vividly described a fantastic creature with “sharp claws, a long neck and a hairy, hairy rooster bottom”! We tried to capture the images and feelings that kids have about what creatures might be in the closet or under the bed.

LeSportsac: Can you tell us about the creative process of developing Monsters Inc? What were its challenges? What made it fun?

Harley Jessup: The story of Monsters, Inc. developed over a period of about 4 years. We tried all kinds of cool ideas as we figured out the monster world. At one point, the director, Pete Docter, suggested that monsters might be like actors and that scaring kids was like putting on a play. That inspired this artwork showing monsters in a Broadway setting that we used for the LeSportsac collection. At another point I imagined a world that was like Venice with monsters swimming in the canals. We designed many versions of the monster world and this ongoing exploration was was a real challenge, as well as a lot of fun.

LeSportsac: In creating a parallel monster world what inspiration did you take from the real world?

Harley Jessup: We finally landed on the idea that the monster world should closely parallel the world of a 1960′s American blue-collar worker. John Lasseter suggested we take a field trip to Pittsburgh, a city based on one industry – steel-making. There was an energy crisis happening at that time and we incorporated that idea into the story too. We made Monsters, Inc. into a scream factory, creating energy for the world and Monstropolis became a company town.

LeSportsac: Was there a particular Monster that you identified with? Which one and why?

Harley Jessup: I especially love Mike Wazowski. His character never gives up and he’s decided that no matter what he’ll look at the positive side of life. I drew the diagrams and notes that Mike makes in the movie and maybe I feel a personal connection to Mike, because we share the same handwriting!

LeSportsac: What was it like to transform your artwork into a print for LeSportsac?

Harley Jessup: I loved revisiting that early design I did for the film – I updated a few of the theater marquees to advertise plays starring Roz and other cast members. I have such great memories of working on Monsters, Inc. and I really love how LeSportsac has applied the artwork in this collection!

Click here to shop the new Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection!


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