Benefit Cosmetics x LeSportsac

Grab yourself a purseful of bold & girly glamour! Check out our collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics for our 2014 Spring & Summer Collections with 72 different bags, you’ll want one of each!




We love its combination of vintage glamour with modern flair featuring playful floral prints, cheeky vintage jewels, and brow-raising wit and wisdom. Both collections feature fun graphic styles with Benefit’s unforgettable “words of wisdom” and iconic imagery.


Benefit_019 (3)


In addition to the fun graphic styles, both collections are full of head-turning prints. And of course, we had to add a few girly twists such as the unique pink Benefit zipper charm with Benefit and LeSportsac’s stamp of approval!


Benefit_036 (3)


Key pieces also feature black and white polka-dot grosgrain ruffles. And if that wasn’t enough, our Hey Gorgeous Clutch is covered in ruffles from head to toe in more polka dot grosgrain!


Benefit_053 (3)


Click here to shop the Spring Benefit Cosmetics x LeSportsac Collection now and stay tuned for the Summer Collection launching in late April. And don’t forget to comment below and let us know which print is your favorite!



Teen Vogue’s #Instalist


Teen Vogue kicked off their very first Instagram fashion show, starring the trendsetting girls of the Instalist! The Instalist is Teen Vogue’s exclusive collection of the coolest tastemakers and trendsetters on Instagram. The fashion show covered three spring trends of Glam Sport, Feminine, and Tomboy Military with looks styled by each young fashion fanatic. Checkout some stylish and fresh new ways to sport your favorite LeSportsac!

Glam Sport

Here is @lusttforlife, Olivia Lopez, rocking a LeSportsac Double Belt Zip Bag in Black Patent. This is a great look for an outdoor concert or festival!  Olivia lives in LA where she documents fashion, flights, food, and festivals for more styling tips go to


@makeupbymandy24, Amanda Steele, is toting a special LeSportsac 40th Anniversary Ziptop Shopper. She is an avid Youtuber from Southern California. For all things makeup and fashion check out her page


Rachel Iwanyszyn, @jaglever is sporting our Black Patent Basic Backpack that is perfect for school or a weekend trip.  Rachel has a lifestyle and fashion blog where she combines modern and vintage styles into her looks.


Tomboy Military

Here is Stephanie from @thefashioncitizen wearing a Kasey in Tack solid which is perfect for walking around the city and exploring! Stephanie and Melissa are two fashionistas living the dream in sunny Arizona. Visit their youtube page to see more videos with style tips on current trends


@collegeprepster, Carly A. Hietlinger, with a LeSportsac Travel Tote in Tack, getting ready for an adventurous day out.  Check out Carly’s blog fashion and style tips.


Here is Kellsey from @summerkellsey with her Fern Voyager Backpack perfect for class or traveling. Kelsey is an avid beauty and fashion youtuber and blogger while also attending college. Check out her blog for more tips on hair, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and DIYs .@summerkellsey

For more stylish looks from the fashion show, check out Teen Vogue!



The Man behind Men’s

Meet Andres!  Hailing from Colombia, he designed his own bag label for eight years before coming to LeSportsac.  Since 2010, Andres has single-handedly designed the LeSportsac Men’s Collection, as well as acting as a contributing designer to our Artist collaborations and special collections.

What you may not know is that he has no formal training in accessories or fashion design – with an MA in architecture, Andres started his career working in one of the world’s most acclaimed architecture firms in Seattle.  We decided to sit down with him for a Q&A to learn more about the incredible talent behind this emerging line!

DSC_0097How did you get into designing bags?

A: I was an architect working in Seattle right after I finished my Master’s, until 2001 and I moved back to Colombia.  That was when I first started designing bags – my wife and I decided to create a line of bags that were completely reversible, and it really took off within the course of a few years.  Within a year we went from one store to eight, and by 2006 we opened a showroom and had shown at major international design trade-shows like Bread and Butter.

All the production was in the town I lived in – it felt really good to work within the community, to make a bit of difference.  We explored a lot of local or upcycled materials, like tubes from old bikes, used bags from rice from the local village.  We employed exclusively in our community.  It became a really close knit company.

The whole opportunity exposed me to learning how to design and produce a bag from scratch – from sketch, how to work with a print, how to do the technical parts like sewing and construction so that I knew exactly how it should turn out.


How was a background in architecture helpful?

Architecture and bag design are actually really similar.  You have to be honest with materials; you cannot fake masonry, and materials have qualities and you have to stay true to that nature.

They both work with a human scale, with how you move.  They both struggle with proportions, with colors and shapes.


You design several collections for LeSportsac – how do you approach Men’s, which you have pretty broad control over, versus collections that are collaborative like Artist In Residence and special collections?

With Men’s, I had to stay true to the LeSportsac DNA. Prints, in light nylon, but updated for men’s relevance and to be contemporary.  So I took it as boundary-less.  I tried to explore all the potentials of ripstop.  It is an amazing material, it can be photoreal, solid, print, whatever you want it to be.  I particularly enjoy the layering aspect of it.  I like prints that look washed and a bit worn, bags that look like there’s history, it’s uncrisp, there’s depth.  You can’t do that with cotton.

The use of nylon fabric is utilitarian, and we’re expanding now to explore coated canvas, denim but to keep it lightweight.  For all our bags, it has to be smart.


This is a New York based brand, so the collection has urban themes.  Living in Brooklyn really helps.  This city – i mean just riding in the subway you see people with high skills, high standards and incredible creativity.  New York really is a special city.  It’s the capital of the world.

For Artist In Residence – I initially thought that designing with existing artist works would be rigid, but there’s a lot of freedom.  The Artist In Residence Collection itself is urban, natural, sweet.  We use a lot more metals, as opposed to plastic, there’s a natural element to it.  When you work on collaborations, there’s room for input in the design.  The most challenging is taking 2D designs and building it into 3D, converting it into a real object.



What is it that makes these collections special?

I love the storytelling.  It adds value to the brand by understanding the world through the characters, and its a story people of all ages can relate to.

Storytelling, for me, is the great part of being an artist and designer.

You can see more of Andres’ work in the Men’s Collection and special collections at



Spring 14 Preview – Classic Collection

Destinations and drives in balmy weather – Spring is in the air (at least in our minds!) and it’s not hard to see where we drew inspiration from this season.  With heat infused solids and cool, carefree prints, our Classic Collection will feel like a breeze, even when the weather hasn’t caught up yet!


Picnics and ports!  Prints from this spring feel at home anywhere from a Volkswagen Caravan a-la-1970′s to luxurious cruises in the Mediterranean. Spot our Gingham accessories with pops of bright trim (arriving mid-February), or patchwork Free Spirit paired with an Aquarius tie-dye (arriving in March).  Catch wind of warm destinations with our Capri and Capri Tan print, as well as an office fave of the Garden Poppy print. New to LeSportsac, both of these prints (Capri Tan and Garden Poppy) are now available in 100% silk scarves (arriving in April).


Speaking of new items, Nautical Stripe is a warm-weather classic with navy and white ticking, reminiscent of old-timey sailor uniforms. Grab yours when you can, though – this print is only available in LeSportsac freestanding stores and online (arriving in April)! What do you think?  Are you ready for an escape?


Or if you prefer a solid, our Foil Snake fabrication from Fall gets a springtime makeover in shiny new Rose Gold (arriving in March)!


Spring is known for its inevitable pop-up showers, and LeSportsac’s got you covered in more ways than one! Keep high and dry with our new Surprise Dot Poncho and Umbrella (available now), and to perk up your mood on those gloomy days, we’ve got some nifty new neons – Electro print and the vibrant Vicky Tote in Neon Orbits (arriving in March).


Also back for Spring will be new versions of our super popular Shoe Pouch Set and Purse Organizer. The Purse Organizer is updated with accent stripes of bright and happy Snappy print (arriving mid-February), while the Shoe Pouch Set gets a flash of fluorescent and a silk-screen graphic of sneakers on Aquarius print (arriving in March). The sixties theme continues with two special edition accessories, the Daisy XL Rectangular Cosmetic and Peace, Love & Daisy Rectangular Cosmetic (both arriving in March).


Also be on the lookout for our all new Eco Tote – this handy little tote folds up and zips into its own self-contained pouch for easy on-the-go storage. It’s the perfect thing to toss in your bag for unexpected shopping excursions (arriving mid-February).

See below for a preview of our upcoming Spring Classic prints arriving February through March..





It’s a Celebration! LeSportsac’s 40th Anniversary

While in an airport in 1974, a chance glance at a military parachute duffle inspired the first LeSportsac bag, which was then sketched, sampled, and hand stitched in a small New York city factory.


Forty years later, that iconic weekender bag is still constructed in the same style – rip-stop nylon, metal hardware with soft but tough webbing to bind it all together. Who could have predicted how this simple combination of fashion and function would serve as a canvas for the likes of urban and pop-culture icons to high-profile designers alike?


In 2014 we are looking back on our heritage (like the vintage Tattersall Weekenders pictured above) while moving forward, and it wouldn’t be an anniversary without bringing back some of our iconic silhouettes!


40th_LeBlack_LeBlue Back from the archives are the Camera Bag and Pullman, two of the first bags ever cut from the synonymous LeSportsac rip-stop nylon, this time updated with padding for tech accessories and additional pocketing.  With bold solids and latte trim, this collection will be a subtle wink for long-time friends while feeling modern and fresh for new ones!


40th_LeGoldenAdditionally, LePatch will be a fun hunt for your favorite print from the past – the full repeat of this print features 192 of the most well-loved LeSportsac prints since 2001!

40th_LePatchThe 40th Ziptop Shoppers are a fun way throwback to the era LeSportsac was born – with solids and fonts reminiscent of the original designs, it’s easy to celebrate with just one or all four totes!


This Spring Collection is the first of four chapters in celebration of LeSportsac’s 40th Anniversary.  Keep an eye out for more exciting collections as we continue to herald our heritage with a series of unexpected partnerships with like-spirited brands!

Click here to shop our Spring 40th Anniversary Collection now!



We Work Out! Best Bags for Getting Fit This Year


With 2014 upon us, I’m sure everyone has started kicking into action with New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s connecting more with friends and loved ones, starting that DIY project you’ve been dying to try or just getting organized, you’re definitely going to have a lot to look forward too. Many of us here at LeSportsac have decided to get healthy and fit for 2014! We all have quite the sweet tooth and one of our buyers makes a mean S’mores Bar (I would give you the recipe, but I promise it would be your downfall). Of course we love a good gym bag but with our NY lifestyles it’s always great to have alternatives. Here’s a list of our faves, let us know if you have any recommendations as well!


 Arizona Pack
Straps enable you to keep it close and the bright color is perfect for weaving through traffic

9922    $108

Double Zip Belt Bag

Keep everything handy for that 10K




Gym or Classes?

Voyager Backpack

Throw in your shoes, water bottle and an extra change of clothes.



Tahoe Backpack



Smartphone Sleeve
Great for throwing on the bike or treadmill



Medium Weekender



Medium Leisure Bag

9779$140 (currently 40% off with SAVE40)

Visiting NYC? Check out our Columbus Avenue Boutique for exclusive store deals on some of these great styles.  If not, check us out at 


Winter 13 Preview Week – Signature Collection

From work chic to street sleek, the LeSportsac Signature Collection makes its mark in its second season of functional style.  The cosmopolitan older sister of the Classic Collection, we designed Signature with savvy solids and trend setting fabrications which proves once again, utility and fashion are not mutually exclusive.


Pictured above: Signature Tote in Patent Martini and Signature Shoulder Bag in Metal Martini.

Stand out from the typical sea of solids with an unexpected mixed media of patents, matte metallics and soft fabrics in the color-blocked Patent Martini.  All Signature styles are trimmed with ultra soft webbing and contrast linings, dressed up in gold-tone hardware for that extra touch of sophistication.


Undeniably rocker, the Metal Martini is a walking contradiction – a matte metallic graphite that looks tough but feels buttery soft, these styles exude boldness in an outfit, and therefore your confidence. It was Freddie Mercury who said “I dress to kill, but tastefully.”  We say we’ll give you the tools, and leave you to your devices.


This winter, shine on with your holiday self in the Starry Martini sequin fabrication, an irresistible sparkle that will set you apart on your evening festivities. A toast to you, this easy gold and black handbag/clutch duo are a no brainer!


The sleek and chic Winter 2013 LeSportsac Signature Collection will be available at LeSportsac Boutiques and beginning in early November.

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