Posted on October 11, 2012 by LeSportsac on Print of the Week

Our first Print of the Week!

With the signature rip-stop serving as a canvas, colorful and whimsical prints have become an integral part of LeSportsac’s identity over the past decade. While functionality continues to be a staple of LeSportsac’s heritage, the huge variety of prints is what keeps LeSportsac fresh and new every month, pulling together an incredible range of patterns for every LeSportsac fan!

Our Print of the Week column will feature exciting print stories each week – not only will we uncover the inspiration behind the artwork from our design team, but we’ve also curated a Spotify playlist that is, in turn, dedicated to the print story, as well as exclusive downloadable wallpapers, and a Pinterest board to top it all off!

The first conversation print is Russian Bazaar and the coordinating print, Russian Ditzy. In true LeSportsac whimsy, Russian Bazaar features traditional Russian motifs of matryoshka dolls, colorful cathedral domes, caviar tins, embellished eggs, gypsy guitars, and even an adorable dancing bear! ¬†For a softer take on this inspiration, the coordinating embroidery-like print Russian Ditzy uses the similar palette of pink, purple and blue. As different as they are from Houndstooth and Normandy from this same month, LeSportsac’s October color palette gives a firm nod to the cooler weather. Are you ready for Fall?

Below you’ll our first ever Spotify “Print of the Week” playlist. We have selected the most interesting songs from artists and albums inspired by our October 2012 Russian Bazaar
and Russian Ditzy prints. Enjoy the great tunes!

Click here to browse our Pinterest board inspired by these two Russian themed prints.

Click here to visit our new LeFun page to download Russian Bazaar wallpaper for all
of your digital devices.