Posted on November 21, 2014 by LeSportsac on Classic Collection, Details From Design

Meet the Parker Crossbody!

CrossbodyBlogThere is nothing more glamorous and at the same time more stressful than international travel. Where is that passport? Where is your admission ticket? Did you remember all of the things that you just have to have on hand? The new Parker Crossbody pumps up the glamor and erases the stress.

The Parker Crossbody is a rounded fashion style reminiscent of vintage camera bags. This bag can go international because it’s sized with just enough room to fit a passport, and allows room for a pair of sunglasses and a large wallet. It has two inside pockets to hold museum tickets and boarding passes, as well as an outside pocket for your room key and phone, just make sure you’re covered for long distance! Its adjustable strap makes crossbody styling a snap, as traveling always should be.


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Happy travels!