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LeSportsac Hong Kong: Day Of The Dragon Boat Festival

LeSportsac loves Hong Kong! With boutiques in the city’s premier shopping destinations, LeSportsac has fallen in love with its world famous skyline, gorgeous harbor, and vibrant culture. Check out our newest favorite Hong Kong attraction–the Dragon Boat Festival.

DragonBoat(photos courtesy of www.hopetrip.com)

Hold on to your crossbodies this is going to be a wild ride! Large fanciful boats regularly cover the waters of Hong Kong for dragon boat racing. A popular local sport, with an estimated 30,000 active paddlers, dragon boat racing is kind of a big deal. To celebrate, this June, Hong Kong hosted its annual international Dragon Boat Festival culminating with the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championship. Attended by 200 of the world’s top dragon boat teams and thousands of spectators, this dance of dragons had dragon boats race to the beat of drums with strong-armed paddlers furiously paddling towards the finish line.dragon2


The energy of the crowd and the sighting of popular animated characters racing with a boat team made this amazing event not to be missed. Did we mention that you have to eat the customary food zongi for the festival? The only way we can describe it? A yummy ball of sticky rice goodness.dragon 5

Be sure to grab that Voyager Backpack next year and head on over. Or better yet grab a paddle and compete—we’ll be over by the sticky rice!

Dragon Boat Festival