Posted on January 31, 2014 by LeSportsac on 40th Anniversary

It’s a Celebration! LeSportsac’s 40th Anniversary

While in an airport in 1974, a chance glance at a military parachute duffle inspired the first LeSportsac bag, which was then sketched, sampled, and hand stitched in a small New York city factory.


Forty years later, that iconic weekender bag is still constructed in the same style – rip-stop nylon, metal hardware with soft but tough webbing to bind it all together. Who could have predicted how this simple combination of fashion and function would serve as a canvas for the likes of urban and pop-culture icons to high-profile designers alike?


In 2014 we are looking back on our heritage (like the vintage Tattersall Weekenders pictured above) while moving forward, and it wouldn’t be an anniversary without bringing back some of our iconic silhouettes!


40th_LeBlack_LeBlue Back from the archives are the Camera Bag and Pullman, two of the first bags ever cut from the synonymous LeSportsac rip-stop nylon, this time updated with padding for tech accessories and additional pocketing.  With bold solids and latte trim, this collection will be a subtle wink for long-time friends while feeling modern and fresh for new ones!


40th_LeGoldenAdditionally, LePatch will be a fun hunt for your favorite print from the past – the full repeat of this print features 192 of the most well-loved LeSportsac prints since 2001!

40th_LePatchThe 40th Ziptop Shoppers are a fun way throwback to the era LeSportsac was born – with solids and fonts reminiscent of the original designs, it’s easy to celebrate with just one or all four totes!


This Spring Collection is the first of four chapters in celebration of LeSportsac’s 40th Anniversary.  Keep an eye out for more exciting collections as we continue to herald our heritage with a series of unexpected partnerships with like-spirited brands!

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