Posted on December 7, 2012 by LeSportsac on Things We Love

Holiday Travel Recommendations

Flight booked? (expensive) CHECK. Hotel reservation? CONFIRMED.  But what about your luggage?  This time of year, being prepared is absolutely imperative, so we at LeSportsac have a few recommendations for the busiest traveling season of the year!

1. Rolling out

Regardless of what holiday you’re celebrating, we can almost guarantee you will not be arriving or leaving empty-handed!  Keep your luggage light, large and functional, with extra interior and exterior storage pockets, and a bold print so your piece won’t get lost in the sea of dark trunks swimming around the luggage belt.  Go for Campus Stripe in a punchy fall palette, or the brand new Fairytale print to take you where airplanes can’t! This new print is a sophisticated black and white illustration, in travel strength rip-stop nylon and 4-way spin wheels and collapsible handle.

2. Keep it together!

Ways to stay organized: Packing Cubes and Travel Mates.  Packing cubes will keep your shoes (and what sticks on them) from infecting the rest of your festive clothes, while the deluxe travel mate will keep all those 4 oz. bottles from escaping (and possibly leaking!) all over the rest of your stuff!  Men, we have your Essential Shave Kit with two interior mesh wall pockets to stow away all your grooming hardware.  We also recommend packing an extra Weekender in your suitcase, just in case you’re leaving with more than you came with!

3. New record set: fastest security check ever!

While you’re in transit, we recommend keeping all your travel documents close to your body and easily accessible.  Any of our crossbody bags, whether it’s the Shellie Crossbody from our Classic assortment or the Soho Crossbody from Platinum, are perfect for stashing your boarding pass, passport and phone while you dash across the airport!  Toss all your metal jewelry in there too, so when it comes time to go through the security check all your electronics and hardware will already be together in one place.  Keep it worn across your shoulders and keep it in front of you; you never know what deft fingers are lurking around!

There it is, LeSportsac’s travel made easy!  Remember, “Life is a journey, not a destination”, but in this case we’re here to help you get where you need to be to continue living it up!  Safe travels, from all of us here at LeSportsac!