Posted on July 17, 2014 by LeSportsac on Collaborations, Exclusives, Things We Love

East Coast To West Coast

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We had a chat with artist, photographer and BMX rider Michael Kuhn to find out what inspired his iconic Yo artwork. Not only are we ready to start learning how to ride, we are also looking at the city in a different light!

Could you use a “Yo A Day” to win over someone’s heart? Michael seems to believe so. Our recent Yo Tote collaboration artist confessed that he used the word to impress a lady, going as far as posting “Yo” pictures around town so she would see them on her path to work.

While swooning the ladies is one way to use Yo, Micheal explained it’s also used often in his daily work. Shooting action sports, there’s always that perfect trick or stunt that deserves a very elaborate Yo to express excitement. Also regularly riding around New York City, Michael has observed the term being used as a simple greeting, a staple of the city’s urban and trendy lifestyle.

When asked where his favorite place to ride or shoot in New York City was, Michael explained that to him the city is ever changing and one big playground. Anything could make a great shot or inspire a new art piece. He even said steps near our LeSportsac office could be an awesome spot for bike tricks and action shots. Considering we only saw these steps as a place to sunbathe during lunch breaks and to feed the pigeons, we’re definitely up for a little riding photo shoot!

We can’t wait to see what Michael creates next, in the meantime check out his work at http://jmikekuhn.com/ Also don’t forget to get excited and pick up a Yo yourself at lesportsac.com


West Coast the Best Coast?


Heading west, we couldn’t leave out our Fun In The Sun coast! The LeSportsac team came up with a summer staple properly named West Coast Tote. Depictions of dolphins in Hawaii, the Golden Gate Bridge in California and even a few playing cards in Nevada prove that taking a trip to the other coast, is always a good time. With a Wild West flair, the photo-real washed denim print adds the finishing touches to an already perfect travel excursion.

Grab your heart shaped sunglasses, a cold beverage and your West Coast Tote today!