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LeSportsac and tokidoki Together Again for Spring 2015

This Spring, LeSportsac partners once again with tokidoki and introduces a brand new print – Fioritura! Inspired by his admiration of the beauty of cherry blossoms and their seasonal rebirth, tokidoki Creative Director, Simone Legno, captures the flower’s vibrant pink colors with the new Fioritura print. Legno takes the colorful and charming characters of the […]

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Exclusively in Hawaii: tokidoki for LeSportsac – Dolcezza!

In tokidoki creative director and co-founder Simone Legno’s native language, Italian, Dolcezza means sweetness and honey. In Hawaii, island girls are referred to as “honey girls”. A love letter to the Aloha spirit, Dolcezza is a playful tribute to this Hawaiian tradition. The print features honey girls surfing, dancing hula, playing with dolphins and whales, […]

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Winter 14 Preview – tokidoki for LeSportsac

Pack for Holiday Travel with the new tokidoki for LeSportsac Winter Collection! Reunited and it feels so good! The new tokidoki for LeSportsac collection returns this Winter with a tokidoki trip around the world. Inspired by the global travel of  tokidoki creator, Simone Legno, the collection’s new print hits just in time with the collection’s […]

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Simone Legno Travels Around the World to Celebrate Collaborative Revival

The highly anticipated new tokidoki for LeSportsac collection launched in-stores this August and to celebrate this huge comeback, Simone Legno, tokidoki’s creator and creative director, traveled to Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore and circled back to hishome base, Los Angeles, to meet with devoted fans of the collection. tokidoki for LeSportsac lovers old and new […]