Spring 2015 Preview – Disney Cinderella for LeSportsac

Calling Cinderella…

In a collection created exclusively for LeSportsac US stores, the Disney Cinderella for LeSportsac Collection celebrates the March 13, 2015 release of Walt Disney Studios’ new live-action film, “Cinderella,” as well as the original animated 1950’s classic we all know and love.

This collection is a romantic take on the fairy tale’s most iconic moments. The aptly named Fairy Tale Moment print, inspired by Cinderella’s magical dress, features silver glitter accents and trim woven with silver Lurex to mimic Fairy Godmother’s wondrous magic. This print is offered in thirteen of LeSportsac’s bestselling Classic styles, ranging from the ultra-functional Small Cleo Crossbody to the ever popular Large Weekender.


(Print and Trim Detail)

Three placement styles are also available; the Hailey Tote in A Moment of Magic displays the iconic staircase scene on the front, and the other side features a large graphic of the famous glass slipper.


The slipper is also shown on the Rectangular Cosmetic in Once Upon a Moment, along with Fairy Godmother’s words of fair warning at the ball. The Medium Dome Cosmetic in It Was Like a Dream is a delicate rendering of Cinderella and her coveted ultra stylized coach.


This wish that the heart makes will be available at LeSportsac.com and LeSportsac Boutiques beginning in late March.



Winter 14 Preview – Disney Minnie Mouse for LeSportsac


The gift of Disney’s Minnie Mouse is back! Once again LeSportsac has teamed up with Disney to bring the beloved animated mouse to life in handbag and accessory styles in an original Disney print – Minnie’s Floral Park!

It’s vintage Minnie dressed in her signature style of always on-trend polka dots and sporting an oversized pink bow, with matching pointy toed pink heels. She takes a stroll through her lush flower garden, stopping to smell all the pretty petals that seem to be oh so very pink with touches of yellows and blues. A wink at her animated heritage, we see the many faces of classic Minnie throughout the print: strutting Minnie, thoughtful Minnie, admiring Minnie, and our favorite – silly Minnie. How cute is she with her big pink bow over her eyes?



You’ll be able to pick up Minnie’s Floral Park in twenty-one of LeSportsac’s best selling styles including accessories, handbags, totes, backpacks, and travel bags. This collection will be available in LeSportsac Boutiques and at LeSportsac.com in November 2014. See you soon Minnie!


Disney Pixar for LeSportsac Event at Santa Monica Place

In celebration of the August release of the Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection, LeSportsac Santa Monica Place hosted a special in-store event. Fans lined up at the Los Angeles area store to meet Academy Award® winner, Harley Jessup, the production designer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., as well as other Pixar animated favorites including Ratatouille, Presto and Cars 2.  The new Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection features Jessup’s exclusive concept artwork on a wide variety of styles, from accessories and handbags, to totes, backpacks and travel bags.

Harley Jessup drawing monsters for fans.

Harley Jessup drawing monsters for fans.

Fans got a chance to chat with Jessup and received exclusive limited edition posters, customized by Jessup himself, featuring each person’s favorite monster. While shopping the store’s collection, everyone was able to jump into the Monsters, Inc. world by hopping into the event photo booth, a large almost life-sized cutout of the artwork’s monster taxi.  In true Monsters, Inc. style, blue and green ice pops were served from, what can only be called, an “I Scream” cart!

Harley Jessup posing with fans


Check out the rest of the collection here!


Disney Pixar for LeSportsac – An Interview with Harley Jessup!

Disney_Pixar_LeBlogAs the production designer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.RatatouillePresto and Cars 2, Academy Award® winner, Harley Jessup, has built a career designing films that both children and adults can love. For each Pixar feature, his mission has been to create a visually exciting, believable world with appealing characters all in support of a great story. The new Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection features Jessup’s exclusive concept artwork on a wide variety of styles, from accessories and handbags, to totes, backpacks and travel bags. We had the opportunity to chat with this imaginative visual artist about his thoughts and inspirations!

LeSportsac: Did you believe in monsters when you were a kid? If so, how did you envision them?

Harley Jessup: When I was little, there was a gas furnace in the hall outside my bedroom that I was sure transformed into a monster at night. I imagined it as a kind of wheezing mechanical beast with glowing teeth. When I started work on Monsters, Inc., my kids were small and I recorded their ideas about the scariest monsters they could imagine.  My four-year-old vividly described a fantastic creature with “sharp claws, a long neck and a hairy, hairy rooster bottom”! We tried to capture the images and feelings that kids have about what creatures might be in the closet or under the bed.

LeSportsac: Can you tell us about the creative process of developing Monsters Inc? What were its challenges? What made it fun?

Harley Jessup: The story of Monsters, Inc. developed over a period of about 4 years. We tried all kinds of cool ideas as we figured out the monster world. At one point, the director, Pete Docter, suggested that monsters might be like actors and that scaring kids was like putting on a play. That inspired this artwork showing monsters in a Broadway setting that we used for the LeSportsac collection. At another point I imagined a world that was like Venice with monsters swimming in the canals. We designed many versions of the monster world and this ongoing exploration was was a real challenge, as well as a lot of fun.

LeSportsac: In creating a parallel monster world what inspiration did you take from the real world?

Harley Jessup: We finally landed on the idea that the monster world should closely parallel the world of a 1960’s American blue-collar worker. John Lasseter suggested we take a field trip to Pittsburgh, a city based on one industry – steel-making. There was an energy crisis happening at that time and we incorporated that idea into the story too. We made Monsters, Inc. into a scream factory, creating energy for the world and Monstropolis became a company town.

LeSportsac: Was there a particular Monster that you identified with? Which one and why?

Harley Jessup: I especially love Mike Wazowski. His character never gives up and he’s decided that no matter what he’ll look at the positive side of life. I drew the diagrams and notes that Mike makes in the movie and maybe I feel a personal connection to Mike, because we share the same handwriting!

LeSportsac: What was it like to transform your artwork into a print for LeSportsac?

Harley Jessup: I loved revisiting that early design I did for the film – I updated a few of the theater marquees to advertise plays starring Roz and other cast members. I have such great memories of working on Monsters, Inc. and I really love how LeSportsac has applied the artwork in this collection!

Click here to shop the new Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection!



Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac is here! PLUS Enter to win!


She’s feisty and sassy, so naturally our Spring collection includes an exclusive feature with Disney’s Tinker Bell. An iconic character since her debut in Peter Pan, and a favorite of many, her personality is big and bold – perfect for LeSportsac’s next Disney installation! With original artwork by Marc Davis, creator of Disney’s Tinker Bell and one of their nine original core animators, this collection is for cultured fanatics and new admirers alike. The Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac launches TODAY – check out the collection below and be sure to shop the line here!

The Tink Marc Davis print features the original sketches of Marc Davis. Tink and friends are featured on various LeSportsac styles in never-before-seen hand-drawn artwork, and now you can wear a bit of Disney’s “symbol of magic” for yourself!



The more petite styles offered in Tink Marc Davis Small print are perfect for keeping your Tink-sized essentials organized!



The Tink Neverland print tracks Tinker Bell as she trails Pixie Dust all over Neverland with golden hues and a brown & black map-like background.


SP14_TINK_NEVERLAND_ACCShe would be proud – the new LeSportsac Eco Totes, which unfold into full sized totes when you need them and zip up into handy packable sizes when you don’t, are both stylish and dainty.

SP14_TINK_ECO_TOTESAnd now for some even happier thoughts: enter to win one of 15 free Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac bags at the link below…


See entry page for official rules. Entry period ends Monday, March 31, 2014 at 11:59pm EDT. The 15 winners will be notified by email on or about April 5th, 2014.


Winter 13 Preview Week – Disney Minnie Mouse for LeSportsac


To kick off our Winter 2013 Preview Week, we have a little surprise for all of our Disney fans! Though the popular Disney It’s a Small World collaboration came to an end with its final collection this Fall, LeSportsac is teaming up with Disney once again to look back at Minnie Mouse through the decades with Celebrate Minnie print.

Minnie has been reinventing her look for close to 90 years, and now you can witness her transformation (and ever so glamorous wardrobe) through the years in one fun print! In the 1920’s Minnie was classically chic in black and white, while the 30’s introduced a more colorful look when she first started sporting her iconic polka-dot outfits. The 40’s brought her signature bow, and she stayed on trend throughout the fashion revolutions of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s – including a flower-power mini-dress with platform shoes! In the 80’s she was working out in her sneakers and sweatshirt, during the 90’s she rocked a ruffled skirt and denim jacket, and the new millennium brought her back to her polka-dot roots. Today Minnie is an inspiration and muse for fashionistas around the world!

Offered in 18 Classic styles (listed below), the Disney Minnie Mouse for LeSportsac Collection is set to hit LeSportsac.com and LeSportsac Boutiques in mid-to-late November.


(Available in 18 Styles: 6506 Lily, 6511 Rectangular Cosmetic, 7184 Medium Weekender, 7185 Large Weekender, 7315 Travel Cosmetic, 7418 Mini Basic Backpack, 7470 Small EveryGirl Tote, 7507 Deluxe Everyday Bag, 7519 Deluxe Shoulder Satchel, 7520 Classic Hobo, 7532 Ryan Baby Bag, 7562 Small Cleo Crossbody Hobo, 7627 Kasey, 7812 Basic Backpack, 7891 EveryGirl Tote, 8070 Ziptop Rollup, 8148 Melanie, and 8170 Medium Dome Cosmetic)



Fall 13 Preview Week – Final Disney It’s a Small World Collection

With five successful seasons of our Mary Blair-inspired journey around the globe complete, it’s time to jet off to our final Disney It’s a Small World destination. The chilly weather of fall will soon begin, but our upcoming collection will hold on to the heat with an escape to Tropical Paradise! Though the mountains divide, and the oceans are wide, it truly is a small small world after all…

Polynesian Paradise print was inspired by the Polynesia scenes of the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks’ “it’s a small world” attraction. The Polynesia room’s volcano and ocean landscapes are visible on the product, and the adorable hula girls and surfer boys charm their way onto the print as well. Placed on a black ground, the Polynesian children are accompanied by the theme park attraction’s mermaids, tropical flowers, and toucans. All styles in Polynesian Paradise print (except the Ryan Baby Bag) include the adorable hula girl Ipo Charm. New to our Disney It’s a Small World style offerings this final season is the Small Veronica Hobo – a small, sleek hobo with two detachable strap options for ultimate functionality! (Arriving in August)

Polynesian Paradise print will be available in 19 styles: Rectangular Cosmetic, Travel Cosmetic, Kasey, Small Cleo Crossbody, Classic Hobo, Deluxe Everyday Bag, EveryGirl Tote, Medium Weekender, Large Weekender, Mini Basic Backpack, Voyager Backpack, Caryall Tote, Melanie, Basic Backpack, Small EveryGirl Tote, Deluxe Shoulder Satchel, Small Veronica Hobo, Ryan Baby Bag with Pouch, and Lily Wallet.

Zebras, elephants, cheetahs, lions, monkeys, and exotic birds are surrounded by vibrant flowers and whimsical shapes on a beige ground in Tropical Zoo print.  It reflects the elements of the Polynesian room of the “it’s a small world” ride coupled with the Rainforest scenery and animals of the attraction. All styles in Tropical Zoo print come with the colorful Elephani Charm, including the new Melanie – a chic and roomy handbag with the added convenience of a long, detachable crossbody strap for when you need to go hands-free. (Arriving in September)

Tropical Zoo print will be available in 9 styles: Rectangular Cosmetic, Travel Cosmetic, Kasey, Small Cleo Crossbody, Classic Hobo, Deluxe Everyday Bag, Large Weekender, Melanie, and Basic Backpack.

The final season’s special Picture Tote is Singing Stars, which depicts an frond-filled forest under a star-filled night sky. The “it’s a small world” message of peace and unity is embodied by the interaction of the children from Polynesian Paradise print with the animals from Tropical Zoo print into one amazing tote!  The top front corner shows a bright moon (hiding behind the Elephani Charm in the photo below), reflecting a characteristic of the song – though the world feels big, there is just one moon over everyone. (Arriving in September). Also, this season will be your last chance to get the Picture Tote in Time To Share - so if you’ve had your eye on it, now is the time to get it before it’s gone.

The final Disney It’s a Small World Collection by LeSportsac will be available at LeSportsac Boutiques and LeSportsac.com beginning in early August 2013.

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