Exclusively in Hawaii: Say Aloha to 808 Cool!


What spells eternal summer cool more than the art and lifestyle of Hawaiian culture?  THE paradisiacal destination of the Aloha State, nothing provokes laid back swag like turquoise blue waves, fragrant plumerias and vibrant rainbows.

Available in styles ranging from travel silhouettes to smaller handbags and cosmetics, these bold blues and vivid violets will have you feeling bright and adventurous – and appropriately, this Hawaii-inspired print is only available in the below listed store locations. Now this is another reason to visit Hawaii (as if you needed one)!

Ala Moana Center – 808.973.6306

Royal Hawaiian Center – 808-971-2920

Waikiki Shopping Plaza – 808.971.2919

Hilton Hawaiian Village – 808-973-6300

Hyatt Regency Waikiki – 808.971.2007

The Plaza (Guam) – 671.649.5100

Micronesia Mall (Guam) – 671.633.2300


Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac is here! PLUS Enter to win!


She’s feisty and sassy, so naturally our Spring collection includes an exclusive feature with Disney’s Tinker Bell. An iconic character since her debut in Peter Pan, and a favorite of many, her personality is big and bold – perfect for LeSportsac’s next Disney installation! With original artwork by Marc Davis, creator of Disney’s Tinker Bell and one of their nine original core animators, this collection is for cultured fanatics and new admirers alike. The Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac launches TODAY – check out the collection below and be sure to shop the line here!

The Tink Marc Davis print features the original sketches of Marc Davis. Tink and friends are featured on various LeSportsac styles in never-before-seen hand-drawn artwork, and now you can wear a bit of Disney’s “symbol of magic” for yourself!



The more petite styles offered in Tink Marc Davis Small print are perfect for keeping your Tink-sized essentials organized!



The Tink Neverland print tracks Tinker Bell as she trails Pixie Dust all over Neverland with golden hues and a brown & black map-like background.


SP14_TINK_NEVERLAND_ACCShe would be proud – the new LeSportsac Eco Totes, which unfold into full sized totes when you need them and zip up into handy packable sizes when you don’t, are both stylish and dainty.

SP14_TINK_ECO_TOTESAnd now for some even happier thoughts: enter to win one of 15 free Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac bags at the link below…


See entry page for official rules. Entry period ends Monday, March 31, 2014 at 11:59pm EDT. The 15 winners will be notified by email on or about April 5th, 2014.


The Man behind Men’s

Meet Andres!  Hailing from Colombia, he designed his own bag label for eight years before coming to LeSportsac.  Since 2010, Andres has single-handedly designed the LeSportsac Men’s Collection, as well as acting as a contributing designer to our Artist collaborations and special collections.

What you may not know is that he has no formal training in accessories or fashion design – with an MA in architecture, Andres started his career working in one of the world’s most acclaimed architecture firms in Seattle.  We decided to sit down with him for a Q&A to learn more about the incredible talent behind this emerging line!

DSC_0097How did you get into designing bags?

A: I was an architect working in Seattle right after I finished my Master’s, until 2001 and I moved back to Colombia.  That was when I first started designing bags – my wife and I decided to create a line of bags that were completely reversible, and it really took off within the course of a few years.  Within a year we went from one store to eight, and by 2006 we opened a showroom and had shown at major international design trade-shows like Bread and Butter.

All the production was in the town I lived in – it felt really good to work within the community, to make a bit of difference.  We explored a lot of local or upcycled materials, like tubes from old bikes, used bags from rice from the local village.  We employed exclusively in our community.  It became a really close knit company.

The whole opportunity exposed me to learning how to design and produce a bag from scratch – from sketch, how to work with a print, how to do the technical parts like sewing and construction so that I knew exactly how it should turn out.


How was a background in architecture helpful?

Architecture and bag design are actually really similar.  You have to be honest with materials; you cannot fake masonry, and materials have qualities and you have to stay true to that nature.

They both work with a human scale, with how you move.  They both struggle with proportions, with colors and shapes.


You design several collections for LeSportsac – how do you approach Men’s, which you have pretty broad control over, versus collections that are collaborative like Artist In Residence and special collections?

With Men’s, I had to stay true to the LeSportsac DNA. Prints, in light nylon, but updated for men’s relevance and to be contemporary.  So I took it as boundary-less.  I tried to explore all the potentials of ripstop.  It is an amazing material, it can be photoreal, solid, print, whatever you want it to be.  I particularly enjoy the layering aspect of it.  I like prints that look washed and a bit worn, bags that look like there’s history, it’s uncrisp, there’s depth.  You can’t do that with cotton.

The use of nylon fabric is utilitarian, and we’re expanding now to explore coated canvas, denim but to keep it lightweight.  For all our bags, it has to be smart.


This is a New York based brand, so the collection has urban themes.  Living in Brooklyn really helps.  This city – i mean just riding in the subway you see people with high skills, high standards and incredible creativity.  New York really is a special city.  It’s the capital of the world.

For Artist In Residence – I initially thought that designing with existing artist works would be rigid, but there’s a lot of freedom.  The Artist In Residence Collection itself is urban, natural, sweet.  We use a lot more metals, as opposed to plastic, there’s a natural element to it.  When you work on collaborations, there’s room for input in the design.  The most challenging is taking 2D designs and building it into 3D, converting it into a real object.



What is it that makes these collections special?

I love the storytelling.  It adds value to the brand by understanding the world through the characters, and its a story people of all ages can relate to.

Storytelling, for me, is the great part of being an artist and designer.

You can see more of Andres’ work in the Men’s Collection and special collections at LeSportsac.com.



Spring 14 Preview – Classic Collection

Destinations and drives in balmy weather – Spring is in the air (at least in our minds!) and it’s not hard to see where we drew inspiration from this season.  With heat infused solids and cool, carefree prints, our Classic Collection will feel like a breeze, even when the weather hasn’t caught up yet!


Picnics and ports!  Prints from this spring feel at home anywhere from a Volkswagen Caravan a-la-1970’s to luxurious cruises in the Mediterranean. Spot our Gingham accessories with pops of bright trim (arriving mid-February), or patchwork Free Spirit paired with an Aquarius tie-dye (arriving in March).  Catch wind of warm destinations with our Capri and Capri Tan print, as well as an office fave of the Garden Poppy print. New to LeSportsac, both of these prints (Capri Tan and Garden Poppy) are now available in 100% silk scarves (arriving in April).


Speaking of new items, Nautical Stripe is a warm-weather classic with navy and white ticking, reminiscent of old-timey sailor uniforms. Grab yours when you can, though – this print is only available in LeSportsac freestanding stores and online (arriving in April)! What do you think?  Are you ready for an escape?


Or if you prefer a solid, our Foil Snake fabrication from Fall gets a springtime makeover in shiny new Rose Gold (arriving in March)!


Spring is known for its inevitable pop-up showers, and LeSportsac’s got you covered in more ways than one! Keep high and dry with our new Surprise Dot Poncho and Umbrella (available now), and to perk up your mood on those gloomy days, we’ve got some nifty new neons – Electro print and the vibrant Vicky Tote in Neon Orbits (arriving in March).


Also back for Spring will be new versions of our super popular Shoe Pouch Set and Purse Organizer. The Purse Organizer is updated with accent stripes of bright and happy Snappy print (arriving mid-February), while the Shoe Pouch Set gets a flash of fluorescent and a silk-screen graphic of sneakers on Aquarius print (arriving in March). The sixties theme continues with two special edition accessories, the Daisy XL Rectangular Cosmetic and Peace, Love & Daisy Rectangular Cosmetic (both arriving in March).


Also be on the lookout for our all new Eco Tote – this handy little tote folds up and zips into its own self-contained pouch for easy on-the-go storage. It’s the perfect thing to toss in your bag for unexpected shopping excursions (arriving mid-February).

See below for a preview of our upcoming Spring Classic prints arriving February through March..





It’s a Celebration! LeSportsac’s 40th Anniversary

While in an airport in 1974, a chance glance at a military parachute duffle inspired the first LeSportsac bag, which was then sketched, sampled, and hand stitched in a small New York city factory.


Forty years later, that iconic weekender bag is still constructed in the same style – rip-stop nylon, metal hardware with soft but tough webbing to bind it all together. Who could have predicted how this simple combination of fashion and function would serve as a canvas for the likes of urban and pop-culture icons to high-profile designers alike?


In 2014 we are looking back on our heritage (like the vintage Tattersall Weekenders pictured above) while moving forward, and it wouldn’t be an anniversary without bringing back some of our iconic silhouettes!


40th_LeBlack_LeBlue Back from the archives are the Camera Bag and Pullman, two of the first bags ever cut from the synonymous LeSportsac rip-stop nylon, this time updated with padding for tech accessories and additional pocketing.  With bold solids and latte trim, this collection will be a subtle wink for long-time friends while feeling modern and fresh for new ones!


40th_LeGoldenAdditionally, LePatch will be a fun hunt for your favorite print from the past – the full repeat of this print features 192 of the most well-loved LeSportsac prints since 2001!

40th_LePatchThe 40th Ziptop Shoppers are a fun way throwback to the era LeSportsac was born – with solids and fonts reminiscent of the original designs, it’s easy to celebrate with just one or all four totes!


This Spring Collection is the first of four chapters in celebration of LeSportsac’s 40th Anniversary.  Keep an eye out for more exciting collections as we continue to herald our heritage with a series of unexpected partnerships with like-spirited brands!

Click here to shop our Spring 40th Anniversary Collection now!



Bringing “Hope” Back

LeSportsac’s Annual Hope Collection has tapped a new partner…

In its second year, LeSportsac’s Hope Collection has partnered up with Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, the oldest and largest charity in the United States funding ovarian cancer research that will lead to more effective identification, treatment and ultimately a cure. The Hope print, Hope Rose, features dainty purple blooms paired with the official color of ovarian cancer, teal, in a print that will bring perennial hope and optimism to supporters looking to make a difference.


The LeSportsac Hope Collection was born when a dear friend and employee at LeSportsac was diagnosed with cancer during her third pregnancy, but with the help of a respected cancer research institute she was able to make a full recovery with dignity and high spirits. And thus the Hope collection began, an initiative born at LeSportsac to support cancer research. Having worked with Ovarian Cancer Research Fund annually on previous events, OCRF was a natural partner to collaborate with on this initiative. LeSportsac has guaranteed a minimum contribution of $18,000 as a result of this campaign and its year long partnership with OCRF.


In addition to printed pieces, the collection includes a Hope Rose Charm in the signature teal ribbon as well as a purple cosmetic with “Hope Embroidery“, beautiful pieces sure to bring a smile to its owner with each encounter!

Click here to shop the Hope Collection, or visit one of the LeSportsac Boutique locations listed here!


SU13 Preview Week: Beach Collection

Our 2013 Beach Collection is a sun-drenched escape into a tropical paradise – where you can forget all your worries, relax under a colorful umbrella, and let the stress melt away!

The focal fabrication of this collection is a magnificent photo-real woven straw print, based on vintage vacation bags, complete with real embroidered raffia flowers. Accompanying island-inspired prints include Mai Tai and Belize, along with the quintessential Cabana Stripe. Plus seven new styles are introduced exclusively for this Beach Collection.

The Tropical Tote in Floral Straw and Tropical Handbag in Aloha Straw are truly the “it” bags for Summer 2013. The tall silhouette of the Tropical Tote is ideal for carrying rolled beach towels, magazines, and water bottles, while the sleek shape of the Tropical Handbag is suited for days spent souvenir shopping. Both styles include a removable crossbody strap for easy versatility and a snap closure front pocket thoughtfully sized to store your sunglasses. Of course we didn’t forget about accessories, our Tropical Pouch Set keeps all your little seaside necessities neatly organized. These pouches are perfect for stashing sunscreen and snacks, or protecting your tech from the sand and sun.

Multifunctional components are key for styling any vacation wardrobe, and our new Convertible Backpack (available in two sizes) is just that –  it can be worn as a backpack, carried as tote, or slung over your shoulder as a carefree crossbody via a removable, adjustable strap. Once, twice, three times a summer essential!

Our new Reversible Beach Tote (available in two sizes) is the ultimate quick-change artist! Mai Tai Beach and Belize Beach each switch from a playful print to a solid fluorescent in a flash, while Cabana Beach converts from a stripe to a straw print in an instant. These terrific totes also have an interior clip that lets you modify the wide, open-top design to a more streamlined look as shown below.

Our 2013 Beach Collection will be available in LeSportsac Boutiques and at LeSportsac.com starting in May.