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Greetings from Morocco!

The Fall 2012 Disney It’s a Small World Collection has arrived at LeSportsac! The Disney It’s a Small World Collection by LeSportsac continues this Fall with a Morocco-focused color and print assortment – inspired by the mid-century artwork of Disney artist Mary Blair who created the whimsical look of the beloved Disney theme park attraction […]

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LeSportsac Launches Fall Disney It’s a Small World Fall Collection with a Five Location Exhibition

To celebrate the second installment of the Disney It’s a Small World Collection this August, LeSportsac partnered with DFS to create an art exhibition of some of the reproductions Mary Blair’s Moroccan inspired artwork (the basis of the Fall Collection). The exhibition was held at five DFS locations including Okinawa, Waikiki, Saipan, and two Guam […]

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Fall Platinum Collection – Metals for the Rest of Us!

For those of us not blessed with the physical prowess to win us an Olympic medal this Summer, we offer a pretty excellent consolation prize: quilted shiny metallics in bronze and silver. The Fall Platinum collection keeps you looking polished without the weight of real metal, which means you can wear these bad boys every […]