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17 Thoughts From “When I Was 17..” by Team LeSportsac


In honor of our Seventeen x LeSportsac Collection, our amazing and pretty hilarious staff  pitched in to put together their best memories of the good ol’ days. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did living it!


 1. Laffy Taffy by DL 4 was THE song. Enough said.


 2. When I was 17 I was a student at New World School of the Arts in Downtown, Miami. The halls were filled with kids singing and dancing just like you see in the movies. No joke.

3. I had this one backpack since I was 13. It was badly falling apart, like safety pins, permanent chewed gum, every day there was a trail behind me of all the stuff that kept falling out, bad. I thought I was so trendy and refused to get a new one. I would totally get on that level again if I had the Voyager in Tanzania haha.


4. What was up with the 80’s Banana Pant trend? I was always getting them caught in my bicycle and falling.


5. When I was 17 the Janet Jackson Superbowl Scandal happened. All I remember is my “cool” math teacher talking in class about how hot and sexy it was.  Let’s just say it got awkward 5 minutes into that discussion.

6. Miley Cyrus was still Hannah Montana. Le Sigh

 7. This is anonymous right? I had an obsession with roller skating and wearing flashy outfits. This would include sequin decorated fanny packs and visors. While I’ve retired the skates I could still rock that Double Zip Belt Bag in Tanzania.



8. When The Devil Wears Prada came out, I saw it 5 times in the theatre.  I’ve probably seen it an additional 10 times since then.



9. During the weekends I would set up abstract painted backgrounds and make my sister model styles with me in a fake Photo-shoot setting in my room. At the time we were definitely feeling the 70’s. We still do!

IMG_7441 IMG_7439


 10. At 17, I discovered Bjork for the VERY FIRST TIME. It was her newly debuted Homogenic CD.I spent the next 20 minutes standing there trying to figure out what she was until I gave up and bought the CD. Then and there, I found something I can belong to, and decided to become a “true creative” to channel all my craziness into something sublime like she did.




11. I went through a glitter eye shadow phase for a month. Lucky for 17 yr. old me, my 7 yr. old sister had a surplus of this for her dress up games.  I’m thinking now I should get her a Rectangular Cosmetic in Tanzania with a bunch of glitter eye shadows. For memories sake right?


12. Xtina went back to Christina

13. Marissa Cooper died on the O.C.


14. Remember those belt buckles that had the words on them?

15. Facebook had just started. Look how far we’ve come now, my 80 year old grandma has it and likes all of my pictures.

16. At 17 I went on a school exchange program to Paris and Nice in France. Great experience!

 17. What was the point of teasing my hair really big and owning enough hairspray to pass down to my future children? Oh yeah Metallica concert.


Have any fun or inspiring memories of when you were 17? Do share!  Also don’t forget to check out this great collaboration.