LeSportsac Springs Forward with 2015 Classic Collection

Winter weather may be in full force outside, but we’re totally thinking Spring here at LeSportsac! To kick off our Spring 2015 Preview Week, we give you a sneak-peek of our upcoming Classic Collection – featuring three distinct stories for each month of this season. February focuses on hands-free modern living, March mesmerizes us with travel to destinations far and wide, and April is all about gift giving for Mother’s Day or any day!




Effortless. Easy. Streamlined – On the go style for the on the go life.


Sometimes you need to – have to – get up and go with so many things in tow! The Spring season kicks off early here at LeSportsac in February, and centers around the concept of hands-free modern living – taking all of your daily essentials along for the ride, while keeping your digits free for mobile-multitasking. This month we focus on the Small Edie Backpack, the Shellie Crossbody, and the Double Zip Belt Bag in prints ranging from Chic Noir and Pink Noir (a bold houndstooth available in black/white or pink/white) to Tennis Stripe (a sharp, sporty stripe that’s equally at home on the court or in the office).





Long Distance. Short Distance. Travel Essentials for every locale!


March is all about destinations – whether you’re embarking on a global journey, or just headed across town for errands – we’ve got you covered. Highlighted this month are some of our most beloved Classic travel styles – including Weekenders, Packing Pouches, Small Crossbody Bags, and Backpacks – in an array of new prints, such as Blissful (a soft imaging of flora in fresh springtime colors), Pink Pyramid (a fun geometric played up in pretty pastel), and Spring Showers (raindrops in every color of the rainbow)!





Smiling. Loving. Happiness. A hug in a bag.


April showers bring May flowers… and Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Shop early and find Mom a terrific token of appreciation. Key items include the Deluxe Everyday Bag, the Classic Hobo, Totes, and a wide-range of gift-worthy Accessories – in a variety of prints to suit every kind of Mom: Euphoria (a bouquet of flowers against a black background), Blooming (a bold blending of animal print and graphic scribbles), Love Is Bold (a typographic tribute to true love), and Ace Stripe (a daring diagonal in black, blue and even an ombré on three special pieces).


The new fashion solids that run the course of the season include three metallics (Magnetic Snake, Gold Rush, and Wisteria Lightning–a lilac shimmer), two debossings (Geodesic Debossing in classic black and Solar Debossing in vibrant orange), as well as one photo-real textured washed denim print (Denim Pique).


LeSportsac’s Spring 2015 Classic Collection will be available starting in February at LeSportsac Boutiques Worldwide and LeSportsac.com



Top 5 NYC Fitness Trends to Get to Your Best 2015 You!

New year. New you. So you know you made a fitness resolution, time to work in that work out.

Based in New York City, LeSportsac is always on its way to the hottest (and sweatiest!) workouts. Check out five of our favorite fitness trends to bring out your best 2015 abs, along with the bag best suited to each work out.

Spartan Race

What is it: An outdoor obstacle course race spotted with hardcore physical challenges just in case you are not challenged enough Why we love it:  Being pushed to the max and still going is the ultimate self-esteem booster. You feel like a warrior—a Spartan warrior—and you like it.


What to bring: A Medium Weekender. This warrior stuff isn’t pretty. Chances are your going to be COVERED in mud. You are going to need a shower immediately after. Room for a bath towel? Check.

Soul Cycle

What is it: A new take on indoor cycling with inspirational coaching, great music, and a full body workout (think hand weights and core work). You seriously pump up a jam.

Why we love it:  There a ton of locations so there is no excuse to miss a class and the music really just moves you to the most satisfying sweat fest.

What to bring:  A Voyager Backpack. Yup, you’re going to pack a water bottle in each side pocket and yes, you are going to need a towel or two to mop up that brow and those handle bars. You might even get crazy and buy your own shoes, so that main compartment? Perfect.

Jump Life

What is it:  Rebounding on a trampoline to do either dance based, Pilates and yoga, or weight centered workouts.

Why we love it: All the fun of jumping on a trampoline in your parents’ backyard is actually a work out? Count us in. The variety of classes offered has something for everyone.


What to bring: The Gym Duffle. The shoe pouch is perfect for transporting your shoes—sneakers are encouraged to get the most out of this cardio workout.  Though we are not sure how this bag is going to contain the fun you are going to have!

Physique 57

What is it: A stepped version of traditional barre ballet methods that adds a blend of cardio, strength training, and stretching to hit all of those small muscles along with the large ones that will be sore the next day.

Why we love it: It is a total body workout that burns those calories away and gives you an amazing stretch after wearing out each muscle group.

What to bring: The Gym Tote.  You are going to need the snap off clear zip pouch for that have-to-have shower right after. Try to hit the sauna beforehand to relax those poor sore muscles.

Afro-Brazilian Samba at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

What is it:  A warm-up that incorporates traditional elements of yoga, Pilates, and ballet leading up to a sweat inducing Brazilian dance class that incorporates the region’s Afro-Brazilian roots and the rhythms of Brazilian Samba.

Why we love it: Did we mention the live drumming?

What to bring: The Basic Backpack. This barefoot class asks for leggings or yoga pants and the rhythm of your heart.

Happy workout all. Cheers to reaching your fitness goals in 2015!


Exclusively in Hawaii: LeHawaii Patchwork


Created in celebration of the many exclusive prints designed for LeSportsac Hawaii over the years, LeHawaii Patchwork is a one-of-a-kind combination of Hawaii’s most sought after prints. As a love letter of some of their most iconic prints, LeHawaii Patchwork offers shoppers of LeSportsac Hawaii an opportunity to take home collectible prints such as Lei Aloha, 808 Cool, Wanna Hula, Surf’s Up, Mele, Fun in the Sun, and Sweet Wahine – all in one bag (or maybe two or three, because the print is that good!)


Find Hawaii’s famous rainbows, hula girls, hibiscus flowers, ukuleles, shaved ice, and even Diamond Head in the ultimate Hawaiian vacation gift. LeHawaii Patchwork is offered in 26 of LeSportsac’s internationally recognizable Classic styles – ranging from belt bags and Weekenders, to region specific styles such as the Melina and the Edna. This print will be available only at the below locations starting in February 2015.

Ala Moana Center – 808.973.6306

Royal Hawaiian Center – 808-971-2920

Waikiki Shopping Plaza – 808.971.2919

Hilton Hawaiian Village – 808-973-6300

Hyatt Regency Waikiki – 808.971.2007

The Plaza (Guam) – 671.649.5100


Print of the Month: Blast Off to the Outer Limits!


Ring in the New Year with a print that is out of this world – Outer Limits!

Debuting for January, Outer Limits is a starry picture of the vast and timeless universe and all of its galaxies. The inky blackness of space is interspersed with auras of violet and azure, punctuated by sparks of bright stars. The Outer Limits print is the ultimate way to carry the universe right in your hands (possibly in a cosmetic or two) or right on your arm.


Available in 10 styles, we love this celestial print in the Parker Crossbody (we really like a crossbody!) and in the Voyager Backpack. What better bags to take along on a voyage into outer space? Check out some of the things we’d pack for our space jam below, and shop all of the styles offered in Outer Limits here.

Happy New Year (and new print)!



Style of the Month: Revisit the Iconic Weekender!

The Weekender isn’t just for weekends anymore! LeSportsac’s most internationally recognizable style is available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large and has a place in every lifestyle. A celeb favorite, it has been spotted on the big screen and small screen and at airports all around the world. Obviously a travel staple, the iconic silhouette is a versatile style that can be used in a myriad of ways this holiday season and beyond!

Example #1 The Holiday Shopper

So you are ready to finally do your holiday shopping and don’t want the hassle of carrying all of those shopping bags and besides you are going green for 2015. Enter the Large, nay Extra Larger Weekender because you are shopping for you too! A shopper’s companion, the style keeps all your purchases together and is subway and vehicle friendly. I mean you want to bring everything in at once right? Happy shopping!

Example #2 The Ultimate Gift Bag

You know that you’ve been nice this year. Fold, pouch, and pack a weekender into your luggage when you head home this season. Open your gifts without worrying about how you are going to bring everything back. Just pull it out and pack it in. You’re done. You’re welcome.

Example #3 The Gym Buddy

Too much figgy pudding? One too many holiday cookies?  Grab that weekender and hit the gym. With a large main compartment for shoes and clothes and multiple exterior zipper pockets for organization, take it and run. You won’t feel so guilty for that extra serving of eggnog.

Example #4 The Extra Large Purse

A secret Santa? A small hostess gift? Maybe that new tablet you gifted yourself? Sometimes you don’t need a giant bag, but need more room than standard purse. The Medium Weekender is where it’s at! Throw in your wallet and essentials and a little more without feeling like you have to stuff everything in. Stuffing is for stockings not bags.

Example #5 The Travel Essential

So you are lucky enough to have a holiday vacation destination. Obviously that’s amazing, but whether you are hitting the slopes or the beach you need something to stash your gear. That’s right, the weekender strikes again. Fit in all of your skiing extras and bring that weekender to that next mug of hot cocoa or throw in your beach towel and sip on that fruity umbrella drink because you are vacationing without a care in the world.

Whether a gift for you or yours, the Weekender is a “must have” for surviving the holidays. Check out all three styles and the latest seasonal prints here. Happy holidays!


Print of the Month: Check out Painted Plaid!


The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without a little plaid. This December, step away from traditional red and green tartan, and step it up with Painted Plaid!

Painted Plaid is a bold watercolor of warm brushstrokes across the canvas of LeSportsac’s classic shapes. Sure there is some rich red, but it’s combined with lush fuchsia, jewel-like coral, and deep berry and plum. The colors are then contrasted with cool blue and winter white to create an interesting picture worn right on your arm, or your back, or your shoulder, or maybe all of the above.

Available in a wide variety of handbags, totes backpacks, and even travel gear – Painted Plaid is the perfect gift for you and yours this holiday season. Click here for more styles.

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